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  • What about the return of I'm wrote report.

  • The two games he has played since that long injury city have kept a clean sheet beyond keeping clean sheets.

  • What does he bring to the city side?

  • Well, he's, ah, left foot center back, which is always helps, you know, in the build up play he's got charisma.

  • He's got is pretty much a complete center off, in my opinion, and I have a lot of people talk about Van Dyke and he's being sensational.

  • But when the port is is up there with one of the best, and you can see with the manager, the manager, trust him.

  • You know, I think that's important for a player to have your manager's trust.

  • And you could see every time it comes out the pitch and hope his injuries hope is over his injuries now, because he's important role for for what they want to do the rest of the season.

  • Do you think if he'd bean fit throughout this campaign, it might not have Bean a 22 point gap between the time?

  • I don't want to be disrespectful, toe Johnstone's on bottom Endy, but when Lapa players, you can see the quality goes up massively.

  • Sometimes when John Stones and Autumn ended play to get together, you don't know who the real leader is, But when Lapa plays, you can see the real leaders on the pitch.

  • You agree?

  • I mean, you made it.

  • I made a big difference.

  • It wouldn't have been 22 points.

  • It had been close.

  • I just I just feel Liverpool right now, a better team, but you can see the difference that he makes his goddamn authority about him is a calmness when he receives the ball, We read situations.

  • He's quick and not just that.

  • It just froze everything out because you have to play.

  • Fernandina is a center back and he's a very good mood feel place.

  • That's an interest you want.

  • So if they all stay fit, presuming they do and they're and they're pushing into the deeper stages of the Champions League this season, how would he How really work that do you think?

  • Would it be for Nandhini O on the poor or Wood for the need for 19 year?

  • Go back into midfield instead of Roger and I just think Fernandina is a little bit more mobile than Rodri.

  • I think he does a good job robbery, but I think Fernandina does a better job in the field.

  • Autumn nd looks a lot more calm when he's with report on Andi.

  • He's a center off.

  • Yes, you know Bernadino for his Wellies.

  • He's done.

  • You know, it's a sentiment field out in a day and autumn nd you know, freeform opened down.

  • I would still play him along with support of the, But it's like if you took Virgil Van Dyke at Liverpool Side for a sustained period and you and you then said a different partnership, You know, Gomez wouldn't look quite as composes what he does next to next the virtual.

  • Unlike some people, just leaders.

  • They just look so calm and composed.

  • And that's exactly what he does to this team.

  • And that's why they've missed him so much.

  • Would it have made a mass different, massive different?

  • Yeah, but what would it be?

  • Enough?

  • No, because I think too many players from cities point of us.

  • You haven't been at that level that they were the last year, and that's that's not as it is.

What about the return of I'm wrote report.


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