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  • welcome to ask your form, not come on a Sunday.

  • Hope you've had a good weekend so far in this video.

  • We're gonna take a look at the Boston Bruins and Florida Panthers as they get set to square off on Sunday afternoon.

  • Slash Sunday Early evening.

  • Now Roberta Lubango got traded of Florida.

  • That was one of the biggest moves at the trade deadline, and he sort of sparked the Panthers.

  • The car shatter in his first start, but now he's gotta cope against the Boston Bruins, the team that's given him a ton of nightmares in his career.

  • I e.

  • In that seven games Stanley Cup final just a few years ago on, Obviously, he's gonna have to exercise the demons playing the Bruins on Sunday, and you take a look at the roads.

  • They played well, but they're going to be in a back to back situation on Dhe.

  • You have to keep that in mind.

  • Also, their third game in four nights.

  • You know they dominate Florida all the way up and down the ice.

  • They've won all four meetings this season.

  • They want all three meetings last season.

  • That means they want seven in a row against the Florida Panthers.

  • But you take a look at the lines here, and I think Florida is gonna play a little better than expected.

  • You know, Luang go kind of gives this franchise a little bit of a rejuvenation.

  • It's a shot in the arm, you know, otherwise, this season was a wash away.

  • Now the sudden there's some young players and the Panthers can maybe finish up strong to this year and go into the 2040 2015 season with a little bit of momentum.

  • So the acquisition of long ago, along with the new older ship, really has kind of changed the culture of the Panthers, at least for right now.

  • So I think the Panthers could be a little game for this matchup.

  • I think minus 200 or more is way too much for the Bruins in this situation, especially given the lack of rest that they're gonna they're going to have or not going to have whichever way that go.

  • They're gonna be a little bit tired a little bit worn down S o.

  • I'm not willing to lay that there.

  • However, I do like the under in this game and I'll tell you why they're total of five and 1/2 long ago has played a good so far with Florida.

  • You got a shadowed in his first outing.

  • I think the Panthers are gonna continue to rally around him, play good defense, and they'll take care of business there.

  • The Bruins have allowed the second fewest goals in the NHL, so you know they're gonna show up from a defensive perspective.

  • And then you take a look at the Siri's history.

  • I'm into the ruins of 17 straight.

  • Well, in those seven wins, six of those games have seen five goals or less.

  • And that works for me because we got a total of five and 1/2 in this game on.

  • That should help us cash the under.

  • Thanks for watching this video right yard SP R Form.

  • Now come just to recap again, Bruise Probably win.

  • This game of the price is too high.

  • The pick that I like is the under.

  • If you want some more picks, an analysis make sure you click over to our ST Louis Blues and Minnesota Wild Video.

  • We've got a preview pick for that game for you on Sunday.

  • Other than that will catch up with you again on Monday when we have more picks for you right here on sp r form dot com.

welcome to ask your form, not come on a Sunday.


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