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  • all right, whenever you're ready.

  • So we are here in London for Fashion Week.

  • Very exciting on I'm performing tonight.

  • Um, for Gareth Pugh.

  • He designed me some pieces to wear for the performance.

  • And I love Garrett so much.

  • He has done some beautiful work and some beautiful pieces for my Vegas show for my liberation tour.

  • That was last fall.

  • So he's just so talented and shapes and dimensions he uses to accent my body, your signature Garretts.

  • There are certain pieces that can come off and come on.

  • Come on and off.

  • So detachable pieces that are always great for a performance.

  • You can change up the look and keep it moving and surprising.

  • Mary's makeup artist and Peter was hiding behind the camera.

  • Peter Salvage is coming to do here.

  • You want to say hello, Pizza?

  • My name is Peter Savvy Kristina's stylist.

  • I started to work with Kristina in on the video 30 and then covered her head are cut short.

  • I did it all it so many iconic videos.

  • What inspires me?

  • Everything.

  • Because you still come to Emilio.

  • You can do anything with Kristina.

  • I'm Karen toxin.

  • I, um Kristina Stylist.

  • I've been working with her for nearly two years now.

  • So tonight arrival that Christina's gonna wear this red metallic trench coat on.

  • It's really a signature style for Garrett Underneath, it's gonna be kind of just I high boots.

  • So every performance shivered as Christine, Always West ex paste ease as well, just to make sure that there's any really covered.

  • But also, it's just like Total X Tina by Schilling White stole.

  • That's gonna be her little Marilyn moment on stage, right after tonight smokes.

  • We're gonna go into Fashion Week looks my favorite past of the moment.

  • It's a very Kristina thing to take risks, too, you know, for, according to the Wind and make a statement.

  • I said, I want drama.

  • I wanted you know something you know that's gonna show up on stage and be an interesting sort of like spectacle.

  • So it's feels like you want with like a cat.

  • I almost like mass Played and zoo, which is super fun, tend Thio.

  • I'm a very aggressive performer, and sometimes you know, it's all in my shoulders.

  • My neck.

  • We owe thanks.

  • Hi, my name's Christina has Bean off my work through her last album, Liberation way like a strong set, a watch, nothing but something that really responds to Kristina.

  • And, you know, that kind of frame of mind she's in.

  • And the kind of some piecing I think it's, I think it's pretty.

  • MELs jealous again.

  • Lift.

  • Yes, it is absolutely no rational, just part of the ship.

  • So this is the opening where you look all red sort of Sam back to Maryland.

  • Modern take on it reveals last minute once skirt comes off.

all right, whenever you're ready.


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