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  • the first dog up in the 16 inch classes.

  • Rudy the Bulldog, handled by Deborah Perkins from a standard Ohio.

  • And they will be running and a preferred height of 12 inches.

  • And Rudy's full name is Von Rudolph Augustus Perkins.

  • Deborah is wearing a mic back out there.

  • Let's see if you can hear Debra and Rudy breathing.

  • Stay.

  • He's got some great dental work, Okay, he's got some motor skills.

  • Just 54 Everybody hang in there.

  • You got that backside that time way.

  • Nobody expected this out of tonight.

  • I agree with nobody ever thought the bulldog would come out the way that Rudy just did.

  • He came flying off that dog walk.

  • She releases the money, goes Let's go, Lex, that he was ready to go another 10 more feet in that tunnel there if she was supposed to send it to the back.

  • He went through her legs and over the roof over the jump in the wrong direction.

  • But she got him back.

  • It was just five faults and bully weeds here.

  • I love that bully ways.

  • What do you think?

  • I think he's like This is not my repertoire.

  • Look at that face.

  • Rudy, Rudy, Rudy!

the first dog up in the 16 inch classes.


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2019年WKCマスターズアジリティコースをブルドッグのルディが圧勝する様子を見る|FOX SPORTS (Watch Rudy the Bulldog crush the 2019 WKC Masters Agility course | FOX SPORTS)

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