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  • China wants too great.

  • It's 1.3 billion people based on how good or bad of a citizen they've been.

  • Critics of China's plan have pointed to the Black Mirror episode, where everyone gets raided in their daily interactions.

  • You want to cook you with that lost in China's version.

  • Your acquaintances wouldn't grade you.

  • That would be done by the state.

  • A dozen cities are already testing different systems with the government.

  • Amy to create a nationwide network by 2020.

  • This is your Bloomberg quick take on what China is calling its social credit system.

  • The plan was first outlined in this 2014 government document, where the guiding ideology of the social credit system is described as keeping trust is glorious and breaking trust is disgraceful.

  • What kind of government is bottling a bit of a perception problem?

  • Domestically?

  • Trust among the public has taken a hit.

  • A CZ country has suffered from rampant corruption, financial scams and corporate scandals over the past several decades.

  • So they're selling with new system as an attempt to raise standards and uphold basic laws restored that public trust local trials air covering about 6% of the population already a network that Khalid's central and local government information has been used to blacklist millions of people from doing things like booking flights and taking high speed train trips.

  • How citizens are judged in the trials varies from place to place.

  • For example, in Hangzhou donating blood or voluntary work.

  • His Sena's pro social, while violating traffic laws, counts against someone standing in Jochen.

  • Cell phone usage while driving or walking dogs without leashes hurts your credit rating.

  • Yay, woo.

  • Your score can be boosted by helping the elderly or protecting public property.

  • The government's plan is that those deemed on trustworthy will be quote, unable to move even a single step.

  • You could be denied basic service is or stop from borrowing money, or it could end up restricting your employment opportunities.

  • In some cases, you might not be able to stay in a fancy hotel or buy a house or a luxury car, or send your kids to a private school that you want.

  • Thio.

  • Even foreigners are subject to scrutiny, and ye will.

  • A bad credit score can result in visas and residence permits being denied or revoked.

  • It's still unclear how exactly the program will work nationally, But unsurprisingly, technology is helping to make it all possible.

  • Big data advances have made the task of collating vast databases of information on civilians much easier, and regional officials are now studying how they could apply facial recognition technology to identify people who are jaywalkers or even cyclists who run red lights.

  • There are doubts, however.

  • The China will be able to combine diverse local networks into a universal system.

  • So far, the reaction to the trials has been mixed.

  • Criticism of the system with in China has been pretty varied so far.

  • A lot of urban educated elite support the system.

  • They see it as a means to promote honesty and society rather than as a privacy violation.

  • Criticism has been harsher.

China wants too great.


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中国が13億人をどのように格付けするか (How China Plans to Grade 1.3 Billion People)

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