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  • - Can ethical people make money?

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  • You see most people they believe that

  • in order to become wealthy, in order to make money

  • you have to lie, cheat and steal,

  • that you have to do something unethical

  • in order to make money.

  • You see unless you're making money through illegal ways,

  • maybe you're selling drugs,

  • you're doing something that's criminal,

  • the only way to have long-term success,

  • to build a long term wealth is to be ethical.

  • Think about it,

  • nowadays with consumers, so smart and have so many choices

  • when there's so much information out there,

  • that if your product or service,

  • if you're not adding value,

  • you're not adding the real value to people's lives

  • you're not gonna have long-term success,

  • because your reputation it would destroy you.

  • A lot of time we build relationships, we do business,

  • and it's based on your ethics and based on your reputation.

  • You're not gonna have long-term success

  • if you're not ethical,

  • but see that's what people wanna believe

  • that oh, if you're making a lot of money

  • you must be doing something wrong,

  • you must be ripping off people,

  • that you must be taking advantage of people,

  • that is an idea that is planted by other people.

  • It is simply not true.

  • Over the years I have met a lot of people, okay?

  • The ones who are unethical most of the time not all the time

  • but the ones that are unethical,

  • the ones that actually rip people off,

  • they are the ones who don't have a lot of money.

  • The ones who are actually generous,

  • the one who have integrity,

  • the one who deliver on what they promise,

  • guess who they are?

  • They are the wealthy people.

  • That's how they get wealthy.

  • Money earn is always a by-product of value creation.

  • It's very very simple.

  • The more value you deliver to people,

  • the more money you're gonna make.

  • Once you understand this concept,

  • once you understand is not about taking advantage of people

  • but adding value to people's lives,

  • that's how you make money.

  • But you see most people they want is an excuse,

  • they wanna feel good,

  • or they're if you make money

  • you must be doing something wrong,

  • so it makes them feel better about themselves.

  • It's not true, it is simply not true.

  • So comment below what is some of the believe,

  • what are some of the things that you've heard growing up

  • that may or may not be true about people that are wealthy,

  • also about money as well, comment below.

  • And just see what other people say,

  • and some of the negativity, some of the negative programming

  • that you have heard since your childhood,

  • and how those things are holding you back.

  • How are you gonna be successful,

  • if you believe once I'm successful,

  • once I'm wealthy that I must be unethical person?

  • Who wants to do that?

  • That's exactly what's been holding you back.

  • Until next time, I'll see you in my bank.

- Can ethical people make money?


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倫理的な人はお金を稼ぐことができる (Can Ethical People Make Money)

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