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  • RAVI MATTU: Apple, Starbucks, and the NBA--

  • three western brands that would like

  • to be known for progressive politics,

  • but have been caught up in the Hong Kong protests.

  • Just a day after being attacked by Beijing,

  • Apple ditched an app that was used by demonstrators

  • to track in real time the location of Hong Kong police.

  • The company says contravened its guidelines

  • and broke Hong Kong law.

  • Apple boss Tim Cook has been a champion of progressive causes

  • such as gay rights and data privacy,

  • but the company makes about a third

  • of its profits in greater China, leading to accusations

  • of double standards.

  • The NBA took an even bigger hit.

  • Basketball is one sport that has really conquered China.

  • But after the general manager of the Houston Rockets

  • tweeted, "Stand with Hong Kong," Beijing hit back hard.

  • Chinese broadcasters refuse to air

  • pre-season games and sponsors dropped the Rockets.

  • The NBA floundered, even though it's well known as a league

  • that allows its athletes and executives to speak freely.

  • Initially it said the tweet was regrettable,

  • before backtracking and saying the official

  • was entitled to say what he wanted.

  • Starbucks has been hit too, only this time by the protesters.

  • The coffee chain is operated in Hong Kong by the restaurant

  • group Maxim's.

  • After the daughter of the group's founder

  • called the protesters rioters, many of its shops

  • were smashed up.

  • Last year in the US, when Starbucks

  • was accused of racial bias, it shut all of its stores

  • in the country and enforced training for its staff.

  • But this time, it's kept quiet.

  • Analysts say the company can do nothing

  • to alienate China, one of its biggest markets

  • where it has almost 4,000 stores.

  • Why does this matter?

  • Because Hong Kong is the front line for China's interactions

  • with the rest of the world.

  • Can a company maintain its liberal credentials

  • while making money in authoritarian China?

  • What's happened here over the past few weeks

  • has shone a light on the challenge

  • of reconciling these two goals.



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香港の十字砲火に巻き込まれたアップル、スターバックス、NBAの行方|香港を理解する (How Apple, Starbucks and the NBA are caught in Hong Kong's crossfire | Understanding Hong Kong)

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