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Santa has to hit 132 million homes
worldwide on Christmas.

With 31 hours a night, Santa must stop
at 1,178 homes every second.

That's a fraction of millisecond
to climb down the chimney,

fill the stockings, eat
the cookies, and climb back up.

Sound impossible?
Not for Santa!
Because he's a master of science.
In order to cover his 175 million mile
journey on Christmas Eve,

Santa would need to travel
7,800 times the speed of sound.

But that's deadly, so Santa
probably creates rips in time and space.

This would give him literally
months to deliver presents,

while only a few minutes
would seem to pass here on Earth.

Good thing we leave
our cookies for this long journey.

Assuming every good kid
gets a toy weighing two pounds,

Santa's sleigh would weigh
over 660 million pounds,

heavier than 1,400 Statues of Liberty.
No way Santa could stay airborne with that,
unless his sack was also a Nano-Toymaker.
Similar to DNA that grows organs cell by cell,
Santa's Nano-Toymaker
could transform chimney soot,

and other carbons, into gifts.
That's one form of re-gifting we don't mind.
In order to keep track
of all the naughty and nice people,

Santa probably spies on you more than the NSA.
Write a mean text? Santa's read it.
Post a mean comment? Santa's logged it.
Of course, he can't do it all by himself.
Theories suggest Santa
runs naughty/nice algorithms...

..with more computing power than Google.
That's why he lives in the North Pole:
to keep all of his servers cool.

So the next time someone tells you Santa isn't real,
point to the science that proves
that not only is Santa real,

he's also real impressive!
[go to www.facebook.com/subtitleyoutube
to make a personal request]



Scientific Proof That Santa Exists

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Halu Hsieh 2013 年 12 月 16 日 に公開
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