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  • I find that that's been my joy over these last few decades, is I have

  • progressively cared less, and less, and less about this world,

  • and cared more, and more, and more, and more about my connection with God.

  • And, and that

  • connection is a connection that cannot be broken. It can be blocked in awareness, but it can't be broken.

  • Maybe you're concerned about food and diet. Maybe you're concerned about exercise.

  • Maybe you're concerned about your income.

  • Maybe you're concerned about the environment.

  • It doesn't really matter, you know, it doesn't really matter what the issues are.

  • And I will guarantee you, as you get more and more focused at being a miracle worker, and just being of service to

  • Spirit,

  • and you're in that, 'Use me Spirit. You use me.'

  • That's the prayer of the heart.

  • Then you will start noticing that these concerns and worries that you had, these

  • anxieties that you were so concerned about, you're gonna start to notice them fading away.

  • This is the time to yield.

  • This is, that's like a prayer of your heart.

  • 'I yield to the light.'

  • 'I yield to the light of love within me.'

  • 'That it may radiate in me and through me.'

  • 'That it may radiate everywhere. That there is no spot of darkness that can stand this light.'

  • 'I will not hide behind littleness any longer.'

  • 'I will accept my calling.'

I find that that's been my joy over these last few decades, is I have


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うつ病からの覚醒-うつ&不安を超えて-デイビッド・ホフマイスターとの覚醒への呼びかけ (Awakening from Depression - Beyond Depression & Anxiety - A Call to Awakening with David Hoffmeister)

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