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we picked up closer to the end of the island
having drifted past the big set of rocky organ pipes that we started with on the last dive
and jumping into the water here the drop off was more extreme
and closer to another set of steeper rocks that were set further back from the water
to be honest we weren't really expecting as spectacular underwater scenery as we had seen on the previous dive
but nontheless we jumped in, heaved the camera overboard and swam down into the blue depths
the drop off just seems to get steeper and steeper as we moved down towards the point.
and we soon found ourselves in very dramatic surroundings
the black snapper still swimming way up above us
and we immediately made contact with a very big bump-head parrot fish
these fish are normally pretty shy and I was quite surprised to have this one swim right past
before it finally decided it didn't want to be near me
we then swam into an area of this dive with almost cathedral like feeling to it
these rocky spires, pinnacles and walls protruding around us
as we swam through this seascape that was just quite surreal
the scale of it was very deceptive too
The massive canyons in-between these rocky spires were huge
you can see Grant following me through the slot
There were small clumps of coral scattered across the rocky surface of the drop off here
pretty healthy, although there wasn't much of it
and I imagine the current really moves around this point
Out in deeper water a little spotted eagle ray made a pass
this one had a beautiful long tail
and just below one of the granite buttresses we spent a few moments
with a tiny little hawksbill turtle
this reptile was probably 50cm long and looked really old despite its size
shell covered with growth
and these little animals are currently nesting here in the Seychelles
and funny enough they nest during the day at high tide
very graceful little animal
it made its way in-between the rocky walls
banking against one of the boulders
turning in front the sheer side of marianne island
and it was soon joined by the bat fish which we had made contact with on the previous dive
they seem very inquisitive, the batfish. Almost tracking the turtle and myself as we swam along
this little turtle free fell over the drop off and disappeared.
just drifting along looking up at these grooved spires that rose for meters and meters above us
it was quite spectacular just to be in this environment.
the sun shining down over these underwater crags
just quite amazing
Subtitles by the Amara.org community


Hawksbill turtle leads the way through underwater labyrinth

1803 タグ追加 保存
Yue Hua Liu 2013 年 12 月 14 日 に公開
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