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  • - Hey guys, Austin Schneider here

  • and today we're gonna give you

  • the Mortgage Rate Forecast for July 2019.

  • So there was an historic fed meeting

  • in June that hinted that

  • they are going to drop rates come July.

  • In turn, mortgage rates have dropped in anticipation

  • of the feds cutting the rates as well.

  • Rates are now at two-year lows.

  • And Trump is putting a lot of pressure on the feds

  • to cut the rates and to keep the rates low,

  • and this could really help to keep rates low

  • throughout all of 2019.

  • So if you're a six to 12 month buyer,

  • it's going to ease up a little bit for you.

  • You're not really going to need to stress too hard

  • thinking that rates are going to plummet back up

  • because we should see a nice steady dip in the rates.

  • And predictions for the rates by the fives by 2020

  • may not materialize as Trump seeks re-election.

  • He's going to do everything that he can

  • to keep the rates low.

  • A new study by Black Knight says that

  • 6 million homeowners could benefit from refinancing.

  • They could see rates drop from their

  • current interest rate by point seven five percent,

  • which could save them a couple hundred dollars per month.

  • So if you are a current homeowner, consider refinancing

  • to, you know, tap into the savings.

  • And why wouldn't you want to save a couple hundred dollars

  • per month, if you can, while rates are very low.

  • All in all, guys, we should see rates, you know,

  • continue to float around our two-year low.

  • So, I mean, if you're thinking about buying a house,

  • don't stress that you need to do it right this second.

  • If you are refinancing, it's a great time

  • to review your current rate with your lender

  • and see what may be beneficial for you.

  • If you need to get in touch with a lender,

  • don't hesitate to reach out to the Mortgage Report.

  • We have plenty of preferred partners that

  • we can get you in touch with.

  • All right guys, thanks so much for watching.

  • If you haven't already, please like, comment, and subscribe.

  • We'll see you on the next video.

- Hey guys, Austin Schneider here


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2019年7月住宅ローン金利予想 (July 2019 Mortgage Rates Forecast)

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