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  • (guitar strums)

  • - What would I call a song about the relationship

  • between Nashville and Amazon?

  • I'll be chewing on that.

  • I'm Rivers Rutherford, I'm a songwriter and native Tennessean.

  • - Nashville has been my home for nine generations.

  • I'd live nowhere else.

  • Nashville has gotten a big giant Amazon box

  • on its front doorstep with a big smile.

  • And inside that box is 5,000 jobs.

  • - I'm from Nashville.

  • This is gonna be my future home someday in Nashville Yards,

  • along with myself and 4,999 other Amazonians.

  • - [Rivers] I've definitely heard people talk about

  • how Nashville growing is, we're losing our character

  • and this kind of thing.

  • And I just don't see it that way,

  • and I think most people don't.

  • - It has a very diverse economy.

  • It's not just country music and the music industry.

  • It's healthcare, it's hospitality, it's manufacturing.

  • - [Michelle] So it's awesome that now we get the opportunity

  • to become known as kind of a tech city.

  • - If I was gonna write a song about Nashville and Amazon,

  • maybe the song would be called The Missing Piece.

  • It's an unlikely match that turns out to be exactly perfect.

  • (light guitar music)

(guitar strums)


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