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I am Blackfeet from Montana and I am Umpqua from the Confederated Tribes of
Grand Ronde in Oregon. We would both like to acknowledge the Creek and Cherokee
nations whose indigenous lands we are on at CDC. For two years I've worked at CDC
in the Division of Global HIV and TB as a senior policy advisor. I've been at CDC
for seven years. I'm the senior health scientist in the Office of Tribal
Affairs and Strategic Alliances. As a Native American woman working in global
health, my cultural teachings provide me with the foundational understanding that
all things are related, from relationship building and reciprocation, to disease
transmission and adherence to treatment protocol. My job is to develop strategic
initiatives and partnerships to support the health and well-being of natives. I
like many Native peoples was taught that all things are related. Our teachings
include relationships with people, water, fire, animals, and plants.
Relationships have meaning and impact and lasts over decades. Shay and I have
known each other for over 20 years, me in academia, and Shay in Native
nonprofits and now here we are at CDC always supporting each other and others
interested in Native public health. Through respectful collaboration with
tribal elders and elected officials, students and public health partners, we
are improving the public health for future generations. We're all related,
across CDC, across the U.S., around the globe, and through time. What we do today
impacts tomorrow I'm Shay Welch and I'm Delight Satter and we are Native at CDC


I Am CDC - Seh Welch and Delight Satter - New

林宜悉 2020 年 3 月 4 日 に公開
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