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  • >> If the ocean's not healthy, were not healthy.

  • >> One of the greatest threats to elephants today is

  • >> They'll be able to take photographs, videos, that are G.P.S. located, immediately upload

  • to Google Earth and use this as a way to protect the forest.

  • [pause]

  • >> IAIN DOUGLAS-HAMILTON: The elephants right now, in Africa, are facing a particularly

  • tough time. There is the most terrible drought that’s

  • biting into their population. And at the same time, the price of ivory has

  • gone up and the poaching is increasing. In the past, elephants in large parts of East

  • Africa and Central Africa were almost wiped out by the ivory trade.

  • Were very worried that there could be another major outbreak of legal killing.

  • Our organization, "Save the Elephants," primarily looks at elephant decision making through

  • studying their movements. So if we can get inside the elephant by interpreting

  • the motivation for different movements, then we can understand their needs.

  • And if we truly understand their needs, maybe we can meet these and secure their future.

  • Weve been using Google Earth as a very easy way to find out what our elephants are

  • up to, and where they are going. It links in perfectly to our remote tracking

  • system, so the information is almost a continuous stream of the elephantswhereabouts.

  • When an elephants stops moving, we can then send a Google Earth file indicating the place

  • where the elephant has stopped. Then, the Kenya Wildlife Service can send

  • out a patrol to go and investigate. If nothing were to be done by any government

  • to protect elephants, they would probably be wiped out.

  • Were at a crucial stage now, where we can act and help management to take wise decisions

  • using the information that were getting through the tracking, and displayed by Google

  • Earth.

>> If the ocean's not healthy, were not healthy.


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Google Earthヒーロー:象を保存 (Google Earth Hero: Save The Elephants)

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