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  • Namaste dear friends and welcome once again to fragrant Friday.

  • The virus and it's scare are engulfing the whole world.

  • Hand sanitizers and disinfectants are flying off the shelf.

  • In fact there's a scarcity now, but not everybody can use the hand sanitizer.

  • Those like me who have sensitive skin if we overuse the hand sanitizer we get cracks in

  • our hands.

  • So, I decided to create my own hand sanitizers from healing antiviral antibacterial essential

  • oils.

  • So I cleaned thoroughly and recycle a glass spray bottle then I filled it up with boiled

  • and cooled water and I added black pepper, citronella, lemongrass, lemon, eucalyptus

  • and tea tree oil.

  • Now I have my own natural hand sanitizer, not only does it sanitize my hands when I

  • use it but it also sanitize the air around me and I breathe in these healing essential

  • oils.

  • Isn't it a win-win situation??

  • But, a word of caution those of you who are working with high-risk patients or immunocompromised

  • people or very old people maybe this is not the hand sanitizer for you.

  • But if you have sensitive skin and do need to use it please consult your officials or

  • your health care providers before you start using it.

  • On that note let not the virus take charge of your mind and create undue anxiety.

  • It is great to be careful but bad to be anxious and there's a simple way in which you can

  • take care of your immunity.

  • First and foremost don't be anxious, be happy, eat a plant-based diet which does not harm

  • anybody.

  • Eat lots of fruits and lots of vegetables, exercise regularly, breath-in deeply and freely

  • and sleep well.

  • Be grateful for all the good things that surround you.

  • On that very grateful and healthy note.

  • Be healthy, Be happy, Be Harmonious have a great recovering weekend, thank you.

Namaste dear friends and welcome once again to fragrant Friday.


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ナチュラルハンドサニタイザー (Natural hand sanitiser)

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