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Today we will make eggless pancakes
This recipe will help you make soft, tasty and fluffy pancakes
These are all the ingredients required for making pancakes
In todays video we won't be using non- stick coated pan
If your pan does not have good quality of coating on it, it could be very harmful for your health
So we will be using a steel pan instead which does not have any kinds of coating on it
So its a better option healthwise
To begin making eggless pancakes add 2 cups of all purpose flour in a mixing bowl
Add 2 spoons of powdered sugar
One spoon of baking powder
Half spoon of baking soda
And add quarter spoon of salt and mix everything well together
Add 2 spoons of melted desi ghee to this
We will add one cup milk to this
We will add little milk at a time to avoid lumps formation
If you add the exact quantities of ingredients we used your pancakes will be perfectly soft and fluffy too
Perfect pancake mix is ready
Here you can see the flawless consistency of our pancake mix
Today we will be using Meyer's high grade stainless steel pan
Which is 100% nickel free and has life span more than any pan in the market
To make steel pan non stick we will be adding a little desi ghee to it
Spread it everywhere in the pan
We have set the flame to high to get desi ghee start smoking
After heating for 5 to 7 seconds when desi ghee starts smoking then wipe all the extra desi ghee with a tissue paper
Ghee has been wiped away and pan is smoking again, now turn off the heat and let the pan cool off completely
Pan is well coated with desi ghee now, wipe it again once and heat the pan at sim gas
Pan is well heated now, add some pancake mix and spread it a little
We use non stick coated cookware so the food does not stick to cookware
If non stick coating is inferior in quality it could harm your health or perhaps lead to severe diseases
Meyer has FW2 high grade stainless steel pan which does not has any kind of harmful coating
And this is 100% nickel free so this is a safest option for cooking
Here you can see our pancake is not sticking to the pan at all and its really easy to flip it too
After cooking for about 1 minute each side on sim gas, its ready
Our pancake is absolutely perfect and spongy
Wipe the pan with a tissue paper and its ready for next round
Due to desi ghee coating we don't need to use any oil at all
To test this meyer steel pan we poured pancake batter in a piping bag and made very thin pancakes
They do not stick to the pan even after being too thin
Because of its heavy aluminium core it spreads heat evenly in the pan and cooks everything evenly
So now we will serve our soft and tasty pancakes with butter and honey
These are very soft and very easy to make
It takes only 10 minutes to cook these pancakes so this is a perfect breakfast option
If you wish to buy this meyer stainless steel pan i have given a link in description below
If you buy using the Code given in description you will get 15% discount on price
So do buy this great pan with 10 years of warranty and get benefits of this offer


Pancake Recipe in Hindi by Indian Food Made Easy | Pancake Recipe Easy | Eggless Pancakes

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