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  • The scientists, the experts, the economists, have ruled.

  • In July they said on the balance of factors including the science,

  • facts, the economy, the environment, Indigenous support and consultation,

  • The Teck Frontier Mine is in the national interest.

  • They also warn that if the Teck Frontier Mine is rejected

  • global emissions will increase.

  • I will point out, the Liberals admitted this themselves.

  • They admitted this in their output based system when they

  • gave a 90% exemption for major emitting emissions intensive trade exposed industries.

  • What they admitted then was there are no borders on emissions,

  • which I think we all know.

  • Reporter: How will it decrease CO2 emissions?

  • That is what the Joint Panel said.

  • Because if you shut down Canada, Alberta specifically

  • from proceeding with what is literally

  • the most responsible, the most regulated

  • energy production in the entire world.

  • The rest of the world will continue to develop oil and gas

  • and all of those countries produce oil and gas

  • at a higher emissions intensity than that in Alberta.

The scientists, the experts, the economists, have ruled.


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テックが否決されれば、世界の温室効果ガスは増加する。 (If Teck is rejected, global GHG's will increase)

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