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  • Okay, here we have a works cited page that you want to do a hanging indent on.

  • There's a couple things to keep in mind. You want to make sure that you can see

  • your ruler. If you can't see the ruler, go to View. Show ruler should be checked. The

  • second thing is for entries that are more than one line you want to make sure

  • you haven't used the Enter key. So, after 72., you have a space and

  • then Booth. If you hit Enter to get this on the next line, it's not going to know

  • that that's part of the line before it, so it's not going to do the indent right.

  • From here forward, we're going to assume that the lines that belong together

  • don't have an enter key used. The enter key happens here, and here,

  • etc. Let's select the entire area that you want. Use the left mouse key, and then

  • drag down, and then take your cursor up to the ruler. You'll see a horizontal

  • line and a triangle right now. They act together so just left click on them

  • anywhere and drag them to the right half an inch. You'll know it's a half inch

  • because that number above the two symbols is going to show you 0.5. You

  • let go. So this indented everything. We're

  • halfway there. Now the trick is that you drag it back to the left. But, just

  • grab the top part, the little rectangle, and go back to zero. There, you have a

  • hanging indent. The beginning of every line has one of them. If there's a

  • subsequent line like the third entry, it will indent the subsequent lines. If you

  • go all the way down to the bottom, even if it's more than one subsequent line,

  • it'll give those a hanging indent. So there you go. It's not too bad once you

  • know how to do it. It's just learning the trick of how to apply it. I hope that

  • was helpful

Okay, here we have a works cited page that you want to do a hanging indent on.


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Google Docs - 吊り下げインデント (Google Docs - Hanging Indent)

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