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(eerie music)
- What the?
- [Announcers] Ice cream.
- Hey, who left the freezer open?
Not cool, guys (laughs).
- [Announcers] You scream.
- Oh, I bet it's pear and everyone else.
Guys, wait, I want to go to the freezer party, too!
- [Announcers] We all scream for ice cream.
- Laser beams and jelly beans.
Punch the royal queen in the spline (laughs).
I love rhyme time, you guys!
Little apple?
- [Announcers] Ice cream.
You scream.
We all scream for--
- Ice cream!
(eerie music)
- Wow, thunder is created from car farts.
You learn something new everyday.
- [Man] Oh, my leg!
- Hey!
Hey, pear!
- Hey, orange.
- Hey, pear!
- Dude, are you okay?
- Pear, want to go in the freezer?
- No.
- Why not?
There's a whole library of boring books in there.
It's fun in the freezer.
It's ice to meet the freezer, pear (laughs).
Oh, Marshy.
Hey, Marshy, hey.
Did you know that there are rainbows in the freezer?
- Really?
I love rainbows!
- And grapefruit, there are sexy
lady grapefruits in the freezer too.
- Wow, wouldn't have expected them
to be hanging out in a freezer.
- Wait, are you guys serious?
You can't honestly trust orange.
He's acting so funky.
- Funky? I like funky!
You can get funky in the freezer, pear (laughs)!
Funky in the freezer, oh!
Funky in the freezer, oh!
- See!
- Sorry, pear, gonna need to check out these ladies.
You understand.
- [Announcers] We all scream for--
- [Ice Cream] Ice cream (growling)!
- What the crap?
- Well, that wasn't ominous at all.
- Don't worry, guys.
I'm sure Marshy and grapefruit are just fine.
- Wee!
Yay! That was fun!
- (sighs) Marshmallow!
Grapefruit! You're okay!
- Yeah, it's so much fun in the freezer, pear.
- You guys should try it.
- Yeah, I'm gonna pass on that one.
- Yeah, try it, guys.
- Try it. - Yeah, try it.
Just give it a whirl.
- What is going on?
Can we chill it with the weirdness?
- (laughs) Chill it.
Chill it in the freezer. - Chill it, chill it.
- Go to the freezer!
- Chill it!
- Oh, my God!
We're not going in the freezer.
(sighs) Something really creepy is going on here.
- Yeah, everyone that goes
into the freezer comes out possessed.
- Exactly.
I think the freezer might be haunted.
(suspenseful music)
- I agree.
I think we should get out of here like now!
- Finally!
An idea I can agree with.
Where'd you leave your monster truck?
- I parked it in the freezer.
- Got it!
- Little apple, no!
- [Little Apple] Wait, my monster truck isn't in--
(screaming) - [Ice Cream] Ice cream!
- Oh, for crying out loud!
- Pear, go in the freezer.
- No!
No one is ever going in that freezer ever again!
- You shouldn't do that, pear.
- You're gonna regret that, pear.
- There, no more freezer weirdness.
Now life can go back to--
- [Announcers] Ice cream, you scream!
We all scream for--
- [Ice Cream] Ice cream (growling)!
- Yay! - Yeah!
- Oh no, you don't!
Take that!
(fire blazing)
- Oh no, master!
- Help him!
- Oh no, oh no, help him!
Help him! Save my master!
- Oh, (laughs) it was only a dream (laughing)!
- Pear, what's wrong?
I heard you screaming!
- (sighs) It was nothing.
Just a bad dream.
- Oh, well, I brought you something
I think might make you feel better.
- Thanks, I guess.
- No problem. Night, pear.
- [Ice Cream] Ice cream!
- Hickledy-snet.
Conjoined at the bust.
- What? Ah!
Seriously, who does that to someone?
- A real sand-witch.
That's who (laughs).


Annoying Orange - Scream for Ice Cream #Shocktober

林宜悉 2020 年 2 月 25 日 に公開
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