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What is driving the internet crazy?
Starting with Justin Bieber
This is how he eats a burrito. Jb (Justin Bieber) chowing down on a burrito
Like it's a corn cob eating a burrito. Like he's eating a corn on the cob. Like he's eating it like its a cob of corn
Don't eat raw chicken, and you don't eat a burrito like that---compromising its structure by attack. And if you're not offended, you're not American
Hold it like that you may be from under the cradle it
that is so frickin funny
*laughs* dude yes
Yep, that photo of Justin Bieber eating a burrito sideways was completely staged and we are the ones that did it
We've never pulled off anything like this before but engineering a viral story that has nothing to do with
Theory has been a challenge we've always wanted to do and when we stumbled upon Brad Souza's Instagram the uncanny Justin Bieber lookalike
That thoughts connected. What's up, bro?
its like im talking to JB, so im kinda nervous
We wanted to prove a point that staging a story as goofy as it was can be done much more easily than most people can
Imagine so our plan was simple fly Brad out all the way from Canada to LA to pose as Justin Bieber
Doing unusual things in public. All right, we've been brainstorming ideas
What should J Biebs do feel like the Internet does have a sweet spot for Grandmas?
I don't know what like what debates are there people debate like YouTube banana this way or that way like and you've heard people say
the pineapple on pizza
You bite straight into the side versus breaking them off what if he's caught doing like really weird stuff like eating a burrito sideways
thats pretty funny
Yeah I like that
like sitting alone in a park
Bites like sideways on the burrito
When we picked Brad up from the airport, however, he told us some worrying stories is when I was actually 18 when I turned 2 years ago
Something like everyone were like freaked I would actually be stopped people like oh my god, that's actually him
Like now it's just like oh my god
What are the things that we're gonna have to do is to actually make you look like him as
Making look completely like the current Justin Bieber was going to be imperative for this to work
So I spent hours losing my mind over watching paparazzi videos to figure out what Justin Bieber looked like these days
There's Justin Bieber had neck tattoos
Oh, it doesn't say patience, but the thing is to get this to go viral
We have to have people in the news think it's real. Those are the people they're gonna spread it, right?
We only had Brad in LA for two days
So the first day was dedicated to make him look as close to Justin Bieber as we possibly could we're gonna need long sleeve
we're gonna need hands right to stay be used as got like leg tattoos and then just cover up his his arms and legs so
Long here. Yeah. Oh my god. Yes, this is perfect
Yeah, it's got to be a photo from here
We had to potentially viral ideas. We're going to stage
Our first attempt was to hire grandma to pretend to be struggling crossing the road
I had spent an afternoon
Trying to figure out how to hire
grandma for a few hours to make this happen and eventually found one that agreed to act in our video for an hour you would
then have our fake Justin Bieber get out of his car mid traffic and help her across the street and while filming it we got
Wow the celebrity tour bus gave our videos so much more credibility than we could have ever have planned for we were convinced we had
Just shot a viral video. We could never have predicted that our next attempt at the park is going to change everything
You're trying to think of something that would offend the Internet
It's like one of those things that you put the milk before this know what I mean. It's one of those things
Is that what are you doing? That's how you do it. So biting into a burrito sideways
I feel like it's gonna get enough people to be like what them. Yeah. Oh, that's what we're doing right now
We're shooting some photos. We're getting Brad to eat a burrito lighting it from the middle, which makes absolutely no sense
Yeah, exactly. Hold it like so that you create a lit pervert
Nest I devour you from the middle from the middle
This goes viral, yeah, actually we've got to figure out how to spread it
Our viral strategy was simple send out the video and photo to as many blogs and newspapers
As we could find think we have either two objective either getting a bunch of views on
one of these links or just getting it published and one of these like gossip website see we should final statistic doing fan pages say
Early armies, but we were immediately hit by a slow start. Well, I'm weird for comments on reddit in
22 minutes
Damn this is gonna be harder than I thought. I thought people would like find it funny right away
It could be in a week it could be in like two weeks
I remember Kimmel said it took like a month for their viral video. Oh
ten avoids about 78t00:05:55,130 --> 00:06:00,100 Yeah, okay, our friend Connor just joined the operation to try to make this go viral
I think that you need to put it onto a different sub reddits because we posted it on the pix subreddit
Which is huge, but the problem is it's like really impossible to stand out
I think this picture would be perfect for mildly infuriating which is a
Specific subreddit for things that mildly infuriate you so there are nothing's working for now, but hopefully it'll get picked up
Okay, so we just got back from the meeting and we just checked the subreddit and it is number one
It is number one on the one of the biggest subreddit to chew on Mylene few
84 is that eighty half an hour ago Wow. Yeah
A single person is questioning whether that's actually Justin Bieber, but I do it's freaking number one
It's working
Yeah, we're at 300 upvotes
Getting comments in like 10 opposed every few seconds
Yeah, there is a chance that it might end up on the front page at this rate. Like it's it's by far number one
It's rising the fastest. We just mean like one or two of those gossip websites to pick it up and then
We're on I think we went off to get a burrito came back just buried it was on the front page
Ten point six
3084 note the piece I just downloaded eBay off like an hour ago. Yeah buddy number 38 in the world on reddit
Have no idea
What this is the text I got from Darren's weren't your on paper magnet the most respected online fashion arts magazine check dude
Dude, Justin Bieber goes against the laws of God and man and the Biebs has hit us with a new scandal that be possibly via
scandals Justin Bieber ate a burrito sideways
We're in the middle of shooting Connor called me Vanity Fair
Contacted him and asked him where he got the photo because they wanted this story on it
What do we do I just told him
It's very much confirmed that it was him be like, yeah
I'm certain it was him Craig you had no idea was it was gonna be like that crazy act like oh my god
This is crazy
Yeah, check out this bad boy the burrito eating strategy that divided a nation
Okay, just went down even knew posted on their Instagram 12 million followers already have like 70,000 likes and it was supposed to
15 minutes ago. It's it's getting out of control
It's everywhere Taylor sending me all these let's be nation paper bag at the Asian shot. We're either
fat Jewish
You're joking. Oh my god
Marita in corn on the cob. I'm not I feel about it. What have you done?
Justin Bieber this is how he eats a burrito
Yeah, you guys is it too late to say sorry eating a burrito and a weirdo take a look at this picture
Does he know how burritos work that's actually how we eat burritos in Canada
Don't we start in the middle my god, let me get to obviously social media
This is a messy situation waiting to happen. It is a disgrace
Designed to be eaten like this. I wanted to know how you guys felt about Bieber eating a burrito like this
oh my god writer from vice tried to eat that way and documented it and basically said it was like
Eating a burrito like he's eating corn on the cob or playing harmonica cousin how you do it
That is not how you do it
Okay, it's just become a Twitter moment, which means it's at the top of the news on Twitter photos
Listen beaver sparked a debate about proper burrito etiquette
If you literally type eating on Google a bunch of view story comes up about Justin Bieber eating a burrito wrong
And it's on USA Today independent cosmopolitan BBC
Too much too much news, dude
Is going mega viral right now all over the internet. And since Connor was the one that ended up posting the photo
He's getting DMS on reddit from like new sites radio show for interviews. It's gotta be able to bullshit the questions. They callin
Hey, hey Erica, its Connor
Last week I think was last Friday last week I think was last Friday
I was just hangin out in West Hollywood party. My friends are hanging out in that Park
We're gonna learn to do photography and like videography stuff. So I had my camera with me and we're just hanging out
We are actually took the photos all Justin from a distance and he just quickly took a photo like we thought it at first it
Was Bieber when we saw it, he was a he was eating his burrito, but you can absolutely tell it was Justin in person
So like we very quickly
Realized so we started to take a photo and we saw he was going in for this this bite on his burrito
You know what has turned out to be a crazy way
I was just putting it on reddit for fun who would have ever thought it would go so crazy
That would be crazy
I don't don't know even know why people would think that like the whole thing would after you orchestrated or something
I don't even know like that's crazy. A lot of people are questioning whether it was awesome. It was definitely it definitely was him
I think the Internet is spoken on that. Cheers. Thanks
Dude they're calling him famous. They're like, you're famous now go enjoy your fame. He asked several times like everyone saying it's fake
It's not his hair
Yeah, it's insane that this worked out


騙された!ジャスティン・ビーバーがブリートを食べている? (We Fooled the Internet w/ Fake Justin Bieber Burrito Photo)

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