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(dramatic cinematic music)
(trumpets blaring)
Today we're going to be talking about an exciting new ride attraction that's coming to Tokyo Disneyland expansion, Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast.
As many of us know, Beauty and the Beast is a classic, timeless film that many people around the world continue to love and watch, and especially here in Tokyo.
Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast is a unique ride attraction that really immerses guests in that story, and we're going it in a brand new way that's never been done before.
So we've got a lot of exciting work done so far on this project.
A lot of what you see here is some of that environmental work, some of the theme plaster work, sculpting, and paint work that's going to be done for the project that's really gonna make this story come to life in a very immersive way for our guests.
We're very excited to be creating the first ride through attraction of Beauty and the Beast anywhere in the world right here at Tokyo Disneyland.
This is the first time we've realized Belle or the Beast as an Audio-Animatronics figure anywhere.
So with our advanced technology now, we can actually bring these characters to life, and bring them off the screen, and have people experience them in the attraction.
We've got a lot of animated figures, lot of animated props.
We have large-scale, like our Beast figures, all the way down to small-scale animated props.
One of the coolest things about working on this project is we got to work with the artists and the animators from Walt Disney Animation Studios, some of whom even worked on the original Beauty and the Beast film from 1991.
We're working with the Walt Disney Animation Studios to get their model and get their animation and then our team here engineers them, builds them, and then we program them using the animation from the Animation Studios.
And every day I look forward to coming out here, working on a new figure, working with different teams, to see these figures come to life.
The ride vehicle itself gives guests this feeling of dance and as you know, the music of Beauty and the Beast is such a huge part of that experience, and this vehicle allows them to do that by giving them the sensation of actually dancing to this music.
To have them actually get that sensation of dancing, or ice skating, or interacting with the figures as they go around, so the vehicle feels like it's alive.
We're going to integrate the movement of our ride vehicle with our figures with our amazing show sets all inside that phenomenal Beast castle.
Everything will work together to seamlessly tell this amazing story.
We get to be a part of the show, experience it as if we were in enchanted objects.
One of the aspirational experiences for our guests is actually to be going into that ballroom, that iconic ballroom that they know from the film, and dancing through that ballroom with our characters that they know and love.
Beauty and the Beast was my favorite movie as a kid, and it's just been such a blessing to be able to be here, bringing it to life with this team of really talented people.
I just can't wait for guests to see it.
I can't wait for myself to experience it.
(gentle strings and piano music)


Sneak Peek at 'Beauty and the Beast' Attraction Coming to Tokyo Disneyland

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