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[upbeat music]
- Hi everyone.
Hi, this is Kiko.
And today I wanna show you how I do my skincare
and also my classic glam look.
So the first thing that I do
is to wash my face with water.
I usually wash my face with hot water
and cold water, alternate it.
I just feel like my skin kinda looks better that way.
For my skincare,
I start with a toner.
Okay, all done.
That's kinda a lot but.
And I use the serum.
And I put the cream.
I'm gonna add a little bit this much
because for the next step,
I'm gonna use this Panasonic.
They call this Panasonic RF [speaking in foreign language]
and I think in English it's microcurrent.
I'm not sure but this is a life-changer.
This will lift your skin.
So before you use this,
you add lots of cream
so that it will slide on your skin smoothly.
So I do this under my eye
and then after,
I don't like this mark here
so I try to just kind of like iron my wrinkles. [chuckling]
The Panasonic beauty machines are the best, honestly.
Look at my eyes.
Like my eyes looks like more open.
Okay, guys, do you see the difference?
I see the difference.
Let's move to makeup.
Before I do the makeup,
I always use one tissue
to just remove all the oils from my skins.
It'll be hard for me to set the concealer.
This is my makeup pouch.
I bought this in Vietnam and it's my favorite.
I bought tons of this pouch to my friend
as a souvenir.
Okay, so I don't use foundation.
I only use concealer
but before I put the concealer, I use this.
I use two different concealers.
First, I'm gonna use this one.
It's more apricot
'cause I have a kind of like bad black circle
and also the scar from the pimple.
I just wanna hide.
I use this as like a color collector.
I always was just using concealer
and honestly think I just don't know
how to use the foundation.
And I mean, concealer
is already kinda like a foundation for me.
It's like my makeup is very easy.
Actually I learned how to do makeup
from watching "RuPaul's Drag Race."
I learned how to do like this type of technique
like putting two different colors,
they just make it complete.
See, it looks, it really hide my dark parts.
So for the next one, I'm gonna use this one.
It's a little bit brighter.
I'm gonna use just like a tiny bit.
Yeah, that really makes a big difference.
Okay, I think I'm good.
So for the next step,
I'm gonna do my brows.
I don't really do much with my brows.
I only use the eyebrow mascara
to just keep the shape.
Sometimes I tweeze around here
but see, it's just like yeah, it's wild.
I just keep it wild
and yeah, don't really do much.
So next, I'm gonna use this Dior Backstage Eye Pallette.
I'm gonna use this eye shadow.
I feel like this is the most important thing
for my beauty.
I go do sauna.
After when I do sauna,
like my face like lift up
and my skin gets like brighter.
I do the dry sauna
and after I go into the cold water
and I do that four times,
you have to do the cold water no matter what.
That makes a big difference.
Okay, so next, I'm gonna do the eyeliner.
I have to get the right angle.
So it's always a struggle.
I'm gonna go in.
I feel nervous doing this in front of the camera.
So when I finish this side,
I always try to find the same position.
I think this side is a little bit longer.
So I try to fill in between the eyelashes
with the liner so that it looks perfect
'cause I don't wanna see any open space.
I think it looks pretty good.
So let's move on.
For the next one, I'm gonna use the mascara
and before that, I'm gonna use the curler.
So now we're gonna add the mascara.
I always wipe it once
'cause I don't want it to be too thick.
Next process, I wanna use this for my blush.
This is a Dior Backstage Lip Palette
which is my favorite.
And this really goes good with my skin color.
I'm gonna use this one, this is almost gone.
Usually my makeup is really fast.
I usually do my makeup in the car
when I'm going to my job
or for a meeting.
I can do it in like less than 10 minutes.
And then I'm gonna use another powder blush
so that it all stays.
So finally, we're gonna go into the red lip.
Okay, so I think I'm done with my red lip.
I think I got it right.
So for the last finish,
I'm just gonna use this white.
I got this makeup inspiration
from like actresses from the '50s, very classic.
Like Audrey Hepburn.
I start doing this classic makeup
when I was like 18 so I feel like I'm doing this makeup
for almost 10 years.
I only know how to do this makeup.
I wanna try something different
but when I try, I always fail
so I always do the same old.
I'm not really good at doing hair.
I love scrunchies
and I'm a big collector for scrunchies.
I always buy a ton of scrunchies when I find them.
So I like do a half-up look
but I think as you know by now,
I have so much baby hair, messy wild hair
so I'm gonna use spray.
I'm gonna use the spray and the brush
to just clean all the baby hair.
I think I'm done but wait.
I see my baby hair's so wild.
It never listens to me.
Okay, yeah.
Ta da.
This is the Kiko classic glam look.
I hope you guys enjoyed.
Bye bye.


水原希子流スキンケア術&メイクアップ (Kiko Mizuhara’s Guide to Flawless Skin, and the Perfect Cat Eye | Beauty Secrets | Vogue)

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