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  • If you've ever wanted to bathe like a Roman God,

  • then you need to visit the Saturnia Hot Springs.

  • These are the Cascate del Mulino,

  • also known as the Saturnia Hot Springs.

  • They're located in Tuscany, and are possibly the most

  • impressive thermal baths in all of Italy.

  • Legend says that the Roman God Saturn got annoyed

  • by the humans' constant fighting.

  • He sent a thunderbolt to Earth,

  • which created the Saturnia Hot Springs

  • to give mankind a place to relax and calm down

  • and it seems to have worked.

  • The baths are incredibly impressive and beautiful

  • with their small cascading waterfalls and multi-level pools

  • and the water temperature is at an

  • always-comfortable 37.5 degrees.

  • This makes it a great destination for a soak all year round.

  • The different sections of the baths

  • give you different experiences.

  • You can make your way up to the top to sit under the

  • powerful waterfall, move down to slightly cooler water,

  • or find your own secluded spot for some privacy.

  • As if you needed more of an excuse to visit the hot springs,

  • it's said that the baths' sulfuric water

  • is good for your health and skin.

  • So there's really no reason to not

  • soak an entire day in these gorgeous springs.

If you've ever wanted to bathe like a Roman God,


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サトゥルニア温泉はイタリアで一番!? (Saturnia Hot Springs are the best in Italy!)

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