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If you've ever wanted to bathe like a Roman God,
then you need to visit the Saturnia Hot Springs.
These are the Cascate del Mulino,
also known as the Saturnia Hot Springs.
They're located in Tuscany, and are possibly the most
impressive thermal baths in all of Italy.
Legend says that the Roman God Saturn got annoyed
by the humans' constant fighting.
He sent a thunderbolt to Earth,
which created the Saturnia Hot Springs
to give mankind a place to relax and calm down
and it seems to have worked.
The baths are incredibly impressive and beautiful
with their small cascading waterfalls and multi-level pools
and the water temperature is at an
always-comfortable 37.5 degrees.
This makes it a great destination for a soak all year round.
The different sections of the baths
give you different experiences.
You can make your way up to the top to sit under the
powerful waterfall, move down to slightly cooler water,
or find your own secluded spot for some privacy.
As if you needed more of an excuse to visit the hot springs,
it's said that the baths' sulfuric water
is good for your health and skin.
So there's really no reason to not
soak an entire day in these gorgeous springs.


イタリア中部にある絶景温泉サトゥルニア (Saturnia Hot Springs are the best in Italy!)

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