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Long time no see, how are you?
We've been waiting for you too.
'Going' is always going for you.
Last time we had some ideas for the 2020 'Going'.
[Overreacting] Wait, then this is!
[He knows that it's 'Monthly Seventeen'] Monthly Seventeen..?
January issue.
['Monthly Seventeen' starts now] The January issue will begin with DK.
With DK.
Monthly Seventeen, January issue.
2020 will start off with DK.
- It's a great honor that I... Thanks. - Yeah.
Then should we start off with new year greetings?
[I/Like/It] - Sure. - Yeah, I like it.
[The protagonist gets the chance] You can start off DK.
The 2020 new year has come.
[Happy New Year] Happy new year to all the people watching this, including our Carats!
I also hope you guys all work less
[A great greeting] and earn a lot.
[Hehe] - Earn a lot haha. - Hope you all have a happy new year.
[Back to the point now] But our outfits are...
[All dressed up★] - Dandy outfits. - Yeah they told us to wear like this.
I came here this morning and they told me that we're going to do something since it's 2020.
[The protagonist doesn't even know] But I haven't heard exactly what. Only heard that we're going to have some food.
But I don't think it will be a normal food since...
- Yeah. - They told us to dress like this.
[Doubts] - Eating food with those outfits. - Because the 2020 new year has come,
[Looking forward] we can eat something delicious.
If they give us Macarons, let's not have it..
something like a gourmet?
Oh is it something like that?
I think I said something like that,
[Frustrated] but I don't know exactly what.
Oh so we don't know what exactly we're going to eat today.
Or what if it's something like eating weird things?
Or maybe something like...
[Great sense] Korean new year food...
Yeah I heard that we're having some kind of a food like that.
Yeah maybe.
[Tteokguki] Tteokguk. Tteokguk.
So any any anyways what are we doing now?
I really haven't heard of anything.
What happens if a bell suddenly rings and
[Great sense22] - Hello, Seventeen. - I knew it.
- Welcome to the 2020 Mystery Mystery. - What?
- Mystery Mystery? - From now on, you can enjoy the Korean traditional food.
But! You will be asked to have a special dinner with 4 different stages.
[Obsessed with weird food] - Weird food? - I wish you guys a good luck with the food I've prepared.
Why would we have to be lucky? Isn't it something we should enjoy?
[Maybe he just wants weird food] Weird food?
[The radical question] Can't the voice be nicer and brighter?
The voice changed, but I think he sounds like our PD.
He recorded it this time
[Loves the word 'anyways'] Anyways what's the Korean traditional food for today?
[Nobody knows] Korean traditional holiday food?
[Tteokguki again] - What do they want us to eat? - Tteokguk!
[The prelude of Mystery]
The first stage is, japchae.
- Japchae~ - Each member will pick a random utensil and eat with it.
You will be given 5 seconds.
- 5 seconds? - 5 seconds?
Now, you will choose the tools.
Each person should come out and shout out a number you want.
A number we want?
Does that mean they are up to 11?
A number we want!
[From 1 to 20] From 1 to 20.
Oh, there must be 20 utensils
[Choosing a number] Number 8!
Number 8!
[Chopsticks] 8, chopsticks.
[The best one]
[A mysterious door giving out food] Will japchae come out?
[Coward] - Come on. - Oh it's coming out.
[Japchae came out] - Japchae~ The Korean traditional holiday food. - Looks yummy!
Oh, real chopsticks.
[~~Japchae insert shoot~~] - Looks yummy! - How many seconds?
[It's a japchae] Oh I have to eat it in 5 seconds?
- Oh isn't it something like this? If you can't eat in 5 seconds, they count or weigh the left over amount... - There must be something!
Hey then!
[Eating] Start!
[Relaxed] 1,2,
[Trying to eat] 3, 4, 5, stop now.
Stop stop.
[Suddenly got hungry] - It looks yummy. - Yeah it does.
[Jun(Can taste with eyes) "It's yummy"]
The food is cold.
[Review: It's cold] It's cold?
But it still looks delicious.
[Prefers cold japchae] Japchae ,is the best shen it's served cold
[Prefers cold japchae22] Yeah japchae is a cold food.
[Nope, warm japchae is the best] But right after your mom puts sesame oil on in....
[Just likes japchae in general] Yeah that's also yummy.
[Knows how to eat japchae] When you pick only the meat inside,
It's really yummy.
[Cleaning up the place] Hey why are you taking the food away?
[The protagonist who does something right, but gets scolded] DK what was that!
You're suspicious.
[The king of word plays] 'Mystery' is too mysterious today.
[Never misses stuff like this] Mystery, mystery.
Won Woo how many abs do you have today?
[Discovered something to tease him] - You have a lot of abs today. - A lot of abs.
[Roughly about 11 abs]
Oh~ That's so cool.
[Choosing the number] I will choose 18.
- Number 18, 8kg dumbbell fork. - Hairs.
[He got it★]
You just got the dumbbell after showing off your abs.
How can you eat with a 8kg dumbbell?
[Instant tool makin] I can hear somebody making the tool inside there right now.
Are you okay?
Are the dishes attacking you?
[Dumbbell fork] Wow how can you eat with this.
[Loves it]
[Cool] But it's really cool!
You should calculate the distance thoroughly.
It's too...too heavy!
[Eating] Yes, I'm ready.
[Enjoying it] 4
[Enjoying it]
[Dancing] 5,4,3,2,1 Time over!
Time is over!
[Couldn't have a single bite] It is impossible to have a bite.
8kg is quite heavy.
[Trying to lift 8kg] Your wrist can't endure it.
It is impossible.
5. 4
[Having superpowers] -3,2 -Don't eat it, don't eat it? Why are you eating it?
Don't spit it out, don't spit it out.
[Inhaling the noodle] I didn't eat it on purpose...
Oh you did?
[Choosing a number] I will go with number 10.
Number 10.
Chopsticks from a member with closed eyes.
[What is that?] Chopsticks from a member with closed eyes.
[Woozi's pick / A member with his eyes closed]
That means that he can eat Japchae with his nose.
The blind fold goes well with DK.
They both have a big noses.
[Trying the food] Begin!
[Picking up a handful] -Yeah hold it, hold it. -5
[Sucking in the food] 4, 3, 2, 1, Time over!
[Yes you did] Did I succeed?
He ate a lot.
Woozi looked like he was eating a jellyfish.
[Choosing a number] I will choose number 1.
I knew it.
-How? -Number 1, a fruit fork.
-A fruit fork. -A small fork.
It is not that bad.
[Dad joke overload] A fruitork, fruitork
[Trying the food] Are you sure, Mingyu? that you are eating all of this is 5 seconds?
I don't think I can. This is way too much food.
Get ready!
[Came to meet the food]
[Vacuuming] Begin!
[Have a lot of things to say, but saving the words] -5,4,3,2,1, Time over! -He is smart.
[Satisfied] Did you finish it?
What is this guy?
-It is a mystery -It is delicious.
[Review: He sure has a big mouth] You have a big mouth.
[Choosing a number] I will go with number 2, number 2.
Fork number 2.
[Wow] It is better than what I thought it would be...maybe the smaller numbers have good forks.
[The members of Seventeen are one] I thought of hair when we had The8 chopstick before.
[Trying the food] Begin!
[Preparing the fork with a relaxed posture] 5, 4,
[A gourmet] 3, 2, 1, Time over!
[A clean one bite] That was neat.
He just cleaned his dish up.
[An elegant gourmet] -That was elegant. -He did have a bite at the meat.
No one is getting greedy because it's just beginning of the game, and I like that.
...Who are you?
[A place for editing]
[Contestant #6 / Choosing a number] Well, then I will go with number 20!
Number 20! A vinyl glove by a member with closed eyes.
Oh A vinyl glove by a member with closed eyes.
[Picking the member] I will pick ,um...m....Jo~shi?
[Hoshi is picked!]
Ja / Name of the time between 23pm~01am / Symbol animal: Rat / Symbol month: November]
[Picked to match the rhyme] Hoshi Josh!
[He covered his eyes] If you hold on to this like this, it is harder to enter the mouth
[Did he really understand that???] -Like this. -Yes, like that.
[Trying the food] Get ready, begin!
[Just like a rice ball] 5, 4
[Have a lot of things to say, but saving the words #2 / A thing to watch] 2, 1
[Room full of spectators] 1
Time over!
He almost got hit with Japchae.
[Sucking the noodle inside his mouth] He dropped it here!
[Meal over]
[Having fun] Mystery, a mystery.
[Choosing the number] I will go with number 7.
[Obsessed] Hair.
Number 7, a vinyl glove.
-That's the best. -All the items are great.
-They are not too bad overall.
[Clarifying the facts / haha] Except for Wonwoo's.
[Being greedy / Trying the food] -Only three seconds for DK! -Begin!
[Being thorough] -No, no I am going to do it.
[Just like the movie 'Yellow Sea' / holiday version] 1 2 3
[Envious] 4 5 Time over!
He had a lot. Nice.
Now I can feel the holiday atmosphere because you ate it that way.
Suck it in. There you go.
Is it delicious? It looks delicious for sure.
[Next up?] Is it Joshua?
-I think he is up next because we keep on saying Josh, Josh. -Josh~
[Choosing a number / Josh (Joshua, working as Hoshi&Josh) Is number 15 already taken?
[Josh's best friend] Alright, number 15 Josh!
Number 15.
A 15kg dumbbell fork.
[Eyes of congratulation / Eyes of congratulations 2]
[It is a festival] Eureka!
[The aura of 15kg] Joshua, tell me when you are ready.
-I'm good. I'm good. -Lets begin right away!
He is doing great!
[Trying the food / Let's go / Let's not do this] -Joshua, whenever you are ready. -Wait! Hold on a second.
Are you sure that you are not cramping up?
[Pronunciation form the States]
[An American entertainment show]
[A Korean entertainment show] Begin!
1 2
[First stuttering / Second stuttering] 1 2
[He is excelling] 3 4 5
You are so awesome!
[Hey Josh]
[Muscles / An American reaction]
[One more]
[Choosing the number] I will go with number 4.
-Hey number 4! -I don't think we did number 4 yet.
Number 4, A vinyl glove by a member with his eyes closed.
-Didn't we do this before? -It is the same one.
[Jun's pick is Josh]
Are you an athletic?
Are you preparing for a competition?
[Still pumped up from the dumbbell] Bro, do something cool.
[Burden] Something cool?
[Trying the food] Begin.
[Rubbing / To go, please] 1 2 3
[What is happening?] -4 5, Time over! -What are you doing?
[Spits our the food if it is not delicious / Went inside his nose] -Did it taste bad? -No it went inside my nose.
[Choosing a number] I will go with number 11!
Number 11, a toothpick.
[Preparing the stage] In the humor aspect, the god of entertainment show actually helped Boo Seung Kwan.
[What?] So it is a good thing then.
[Trying the food] There is a thick onion layer on top.
[↓ The thick onion layer] So, I will brush the onion layer like a broomstick
[It always does not go as said] -Are you ready? -Begin!
[didn't expect him to be this good with a toothpick] -1 2 3 -He can't pick it up
[didn't expect him to be this good with a toothpick]
Oh, finished.
- Oh~ - Nice nice nice
He ate quite well tho.
Now slurp the last bit!
People who eat well can eat well no matter what.
[(One who couldn't eat)]
[(open parenthesis : One who eats well)] What if there's a parenthesis saying 'One who eats well'?
One who eats well.
[Choose a number] - Next come forth. - Dino! Number 16.
[Good at yielding] I choose 17!
[(Our youngest is the best)]
- Number 17. - Seven! because we're Seventeen
- One chopstick. - Nice X3
One chopstick.
[(Having a meal)] Not bad actually?
Better than a toothpick.
Snap the chopstick in half.
What if it's a metal chopstick?
Then we break that too.
[Time to eat] Ready set start.
- One, two, three. - You can't hold your plate.
[Cheating alert] - Four! - the plate!
[(Pure eyes)] - Five, end! - Put the plate down.
[(giving an innocent look)] There's nothing we can do, it's already in his mouth.
[(Quick apologies)] I'm sorry.
[(Kind HOST)] - It's alright, it's alright. Did you eat well? - Okay.
Next food.
[- Weird Taste -]
The second round is kimchi jeon.
- Each member - I'm going to be the first to go.
gets to choose one special ingredient that will be added to kimchi jeon.
A special ingredient?
Kimchi jeon with additional special ingredient
will be cooked instantly
and all you have to do is eat it accordingly.
[(Especially excited to kimchi jeon)] - Kimchi is! - Then!
Now you will pick the special ingredient.
[(Flinch)] 3 people can come forth and choose the number.
Three people go.
[(Gathering members)] Let's go out together
[(Member 1/3) (Member 2/3) (Member 3/3) (Apply to become a member)] I wanna go out too.
[(Full of members)] Okay you go out.
[(As if he's from 'Lovers in Paris' show)] There will be kimchi in kimchi jeon right?
[Choose number] Okay, so I'll go for
number 1 like last time.
- Number 1. - Number 1 is going to be bad.
- Not bad. - Tuna kimchi jeon.
It sounds real good to me.
[(Ceremony)] This is too good~.
[(Done choosing number)] Number 2.
[(Ready to shout out)] - Ah Hoshi. - Number 2.
No no no, it's alright.
[(Staff's mistake)] Okay I got cheese.
[Got it for nothing]
- It's nice right? - Yeah not bad.
- I chose it for you. - It's.. it's cold.
[(Why did he say that)] Number 9.
Number 9.
Chocolate syrup.
[(Not knowing what is going on)] Chocolate syrup!
[Can't eat together] It's a trend. eating kimchi jeon with chocolate syrup.
[(Very shocked)]
[(Unexpected chocolate syrup)]
[(Unexpected chocolate syrup)]
But kimchi jeon with chocolate syrup might
be tasty because it's salty and sweet.
You wanna change then?
[Yea?...no] Sorry?
[(Here come kimchi jeon)] - Our PD. - It looks very nice, visually.
I think it's gonna be tasty.
I'm going to wash out what I had with chocolate.
Chocolate one looks like a waffle.
Chocolate one looks the most tasty.
The smell is very rich.
Wow, all I can smell is chocolate.
Yeah it's a bit strong.
Great that it smell like chocolate tho.
It used to smell like kimchi jeon right before.
Not at all!
But I think it's going to be OK.
[Special Kimchi Jeon]
[Time to eat] - Cheese first? - Yeah cheese first.
[This combination can't be bad] - Cheese looks tasty! - It looks tasty!
- It looks tasty. - Have a bite, tell us what you think and the next person can have his bite.
This one looks tasty.
What do you say Hoshi?
[(The taste that everyone knows)] Hmm, it can never go wrong.
[(Doesn't like to be normal)] Taste that doesn't taste good.
- Mingyu! - A mixture of rich flavor of the cheese and spiciness of kimchi.
[Next] Mingyu's turn, Mingyu.
Tuna also looks good.
- Yeah. - Tuna's great.
Tuna in ramen is also great..
Tuna is seasoned already so the saltiness is perfect~.
[(The taste that everyone knows 22)]
It would go really well with rice, that one.
[(Tasting with eyes)] Whoa it's delicious.
Wow~ that face of satisfaction.
Ah, I feel good.
Ah I fell good, it feels good.
This is...
I wanna be him.
I can feel the ocean behind me.
Although it was kimchi jeon.
- Nice metaphor. - The ocean suddenly...
[(A train of thought)] Tu~~na.
Do you know what that's called? The one you have it with cracker and tuna on top.
[(Canape)] I know I know I know.
The bite of the cracker and tuna finishes it.
Okay, DK.
Okay, I'll have my bite.
I think it's gonna taste great.
[(Truthful Saliva)]
[(Warm chocolate kimchi jeon)]
This is gonna be delicious.
Hmm I dunno 'bout that.
It's gonna be tough for me.
Hey, food is all about challenges.
[Less_mouth_watering_food_video.mov] Well it's not something like a strawberry syrup. It's just a chocolate syrup.
[(He really wants to eat it)] - It may not be awful. - Think if of it as a pancake.
- Pancake!
- Sweet and salty.
[Hmm~!] - Yeah? - Pancake?
For real?
Don't play with your food.
You mustn't.
You think of traditional holiday because it's kimchi jeon
and suddenly it's Valentine's day.
[Well said]
[??Why are you eating it.] Suddenly Valentine's day!
[Well said]
New year's day to Valentine's day.
The time flies is it?
[Time leap kimchi jeon] Yeah 2 week just leaps.
This is right.
So funny you guys.
Next three!
[Choose a number] I'll choose number three.
Very hot spicy sauce.
- I thought very hot spicy sauce would go well just a few minutes ago! - It's gonna be delicious.
I choose eight.
Number eight.
[Shout of jealousy]
Bacon's too good~.
There's even bacon kimchi fried rice in the menu!
It's real tasty.
I choose number 14.
[(Cursing)] This one's going to be funny.
Number 14.
- It's going to be funny. - Blueberry.
[Oh!! Oh???]
Ah blueberry... I hate it.
[(The one with a 8KG dumbbell)] I get to try out a lot of good things today.
Today's a lucky day for Wonwoo.
[Here it is] - It's served. - Is it served?
Wow, hot spicy!
Hot and spicy sauce is different from its colors.
[Blueberry / Hot&Spicy sauce / Bacon] Wow the sauce.
[Time to eat] First, Myung Ho's bacon.
I'll try it first.
Hmm it's good.
[(joke)] Give it to us if you're not gonna finish it.
It's delicious.
It must be delicious.
- I'll stuff the blueberries into my mouth too. - Eat them together.
[(Bad eyesight)] looks pretty good though.
Wonwoo, can you eat it?
[It's very well] Wonwoo loves pancakes.
Is it edible?
- Did you have blueberries with it? - Yeah.
How is it?
This is unbelievable..l.
What's this taste?
[(had to eat it)]
But still in kimchi jeon... Blueberry has plenty of anthocyanin.
[We'll google it] Let's first eat it.
The hot and spicy sauce is...
[(Color of hell)] The color of the grease that's coming out is..
Lava, it's a lava!
[(Untrustworthy staff)] - Is this edible? - Just nibble it.
- Sure. - Just take a bite.
- You should go to the toilet right away. - This looks delicious.
- Don't eat too much. - I'm good.
Do you want to try some?
Is it really spicy?
You won't really feel it right away.
No, you can directly feel the spiciness of the hot chicken flavor sauce.
[(An expert of members' taste)] Wonwoo can stand the hot chicken.
[(Just hitting his spot)] Anyone who likes spicy food. try this.
[(Feeling the spiciness)] Shua is shocked now.
I can smell the hot chicken spice from here.
[(Came back from hell)] From hell..
A kimchi pancake from hell.
[Number choice] Then we will,
Choose #20.
[(Still in hell)] #20.
But I think Vernon will enjoy wasabi sauce.
[Thinking twice, that'd be okay] We were just talking about it now.
Ah, I can see its color.
Oh, #19?
It's garlic.
- Garlic? - Garlic's okay.
[(Horseradish sauce consoling garlic)] Garlic's good, it's good.
- Garlic, garlic. - Garlic's good.
[(Anxious eyes)] If you cook garlic,
Maybe that's to make you into a real human..
Then next to them, I will choose #18.
Green tea ice cream.
[(Teasing eyes)] I like this better.
[In the end, everyone together]
Woozi hyung and Dino hyung, too.
[...?] Woozi and Dino.
[!!] Dino.
[No respect for older members in Seventeen] Woozi hyung and Dino hyung.
I will pick #5.
What would it be?
- What would #5 be? - #5.
Mint chocolate ice cream.
[Mint chocolate]
Mint chocolate!
Hey, it's not bad, it's actually good.
[Excited] I am actually Team Mint Chocolate.
Cheongyang peppers.
That will be good.
[(Just came back from hell)]
[(Great Personality)] Oh, I am so jealous of the mint chocolate ice cream.
So, folks!
The food for five of you are all here.
[Green tea ice cream, mint chocolate ice cream, Cheongyang peppers, garlic, horseradish]
Then should Dino start?
That's Cheongyang pepper, not regular pepper.
[Trying it] Eat it like tacos.
[(Troubled from the mint chocolate)] I will try this.
Is it the Cheongyang pepper?
[(Eating it with eyes again)] - Wow, it's hot! So hot! - It's Cheongyang pepper.
[(A spicy food mania)] Wonwoo likes hot chili peppers.
It's okay now!
But you won't be a little later.
I am not anymore!
[(Sharing campaign)] You want some ice cream?
[???] Dino, deal with the spiciness with this.
[(A devil from hell)]
Green tea ice cream?
Green tea.
This is just..
[(a mythomaniac)] It's a popular combination.
Green tea and kimchi.
How did they do these in the "Gag Concert" before.
But the Cheongyang peppers were so harsh.
Is it good?
- How is it? How is it? - Dino, is it good?
I can't really taste the kimchi.
- I can't really taste the kimchi. - You only taste green tea?
Is it like an waffle?
It tastes like green tea cookies.
Next, Vernon.
[(Kimchi pancake with wasabi)] This is really extreme.
- This is seriously extreme. - Vernon might burst into tears.
- Wow, the wasabi.. - Wow.
- Can you feel it right away as soon as you bite it off? - YEah.
[(Annoyed)] Oh, what is this?
[(Reality check)]
Now, Seungkwan.
Seungkwan, you need to eat the whole thing in a bite.
Fold it in half and straight to your mouth.
When Seungkwan eats it,
[(Making reservation for the subtitles)] I hope the subtitle says "Garlic" in his mouth.
Is it raw garlic?
It won't be as bad as you think.
- Raw garlic is really good for your health. - It is not a bad combination.
How is it, Seungkwan?
If you say anything from there,
You will have the subtitles saying "Garlic" around your mouth.
[(Garlic)] Your requested subtitle.
Now then, Woozi's is..
When I first got it, it was really fresh and had its own shape
So I thought, this is okay,
But because the kimchi pancake was hot
It's now all soggy.
When you want to eat late at night,
This will decrease your appetite.
[A mukbang for appetite decrease] - The color is.. - But it's not bad.
[(Seeing something they shouldn't see)]
[I like it!]
- How's that? - How was that?
It is sweet but the kimchi gently covers it all at the end?
[...?] [...!!] Woozi, do you need a toothbrush?
- Is that a face that it's okay? - Yeah, like not bad?
It's not as bad as I thought.
[(Disappointed)] Don't you taste kimchi?
I actually taste more kimchi.
[(???)] You can taste more kimchi, and it goes well with the mint chocolate?
Because the kimchi is sour and has a lot of umami,
Anyways it's quite spicy and it has many flavors.
But at the side, the mint chocolate ice cream
Soothes those tastes.
[(Such an eloquent expression!)]
[(Sorry that it's better than you thought)] I mean it.
It protects them, right?
- It's okay. - I mean, seriously.. - Woozi hyung!
I am so shocked with this, what should I..
I thought I really hated it..
Okay, then tell me when you want it.
I will make it for you.
Now, so we have finished the second round of food.
Let's move onto the third food
[A Quiet Meal]
The round three is the rice cake soup.
Each of the members will pick a random time and decibel level.
You will eat the rice cake soup
for the time you have picked.
If you make noise higher than your chosen decibel level, the meal will be done.
From now, you will pick a time and a decibel level.
Come out each of you, and please tell me the number you want
in the order of time and decibel level
[(A polite type)] Okay!
[(A comment just like someone has ordered)] Isn't it the better, the higher decibel level you get?
[Picking numbers] Now, time, #1.
- I only will go for #1. - #1.
2 minutes and 30 seconds.
- It is the time for the ramyeon to get cooked. - It's enough. - You have enough time to finish it.
The decibel level, #1.
Is 85 high?
2 minutes and 30 seconds at 85dB,
This is thrilling, what should I do?
[(Calmed down)] - 85 is high. - It's here!
Rice cake soup! It smells delicious!
[(Rice cake soup delivered)]
Wow, it looks so good.
[(Rice cake soup table, enters)]
- Hey, it looks so good. - Look at the side dishes.
[(Plentiful)] And the braised short ribs beside it.
[Braised short ribs, Rice cake soup, young radish kimchi [Rice cake soup table]
All be quiet, please!
[(Thrilled)] I am shooting this, a serious one.
[(Sound coming from the chair)]
[(Sensitive)] [Ha]
[(Come forward)]
[(Talking to himself out of envy)]
[(Sensitive)] DK,
Move that closer
[(Roughly asking him to move that closer)]
[(Suddenly feels so happy)]
It's delicious.
[(Somewhat figured out the decibel)]
[(watching the mukbang in person)] Is it tasty?
How many minutes do I have left?
You have a minute and thirty seconds left.
[(Insulting the decibel meter)]
[(Highest number)]
[(Live reaction)]
[(Sound of putting the spoon down)] [!]
[(Freaked out)]
[(Live reaction)]
[(So close)]
(We can tell the result) by looking at DK's reaction.
[Exceeds 85dB] Hm~
[(Not bothered)] It's over.
[(Finishes the game himself)] Oh he finished eating
You have some time left.
[(Wow this restaurant is good)] Look at him being relaxed.
He picked really well.
He ate everything yet he has 5 seconds left.
The highest was 75dB.
Oh really?
[Satisfying meal]
Wow we have to
watch this 12 times for each members?
[Selecting the number] 17!
Number 17.
2 minutes and 30 seconds.
Number 11.
Wow 60dB is hard.
For 60dB, it's over when you just lift the food.
But it was really tasty.
Galbijim is not dry at all.
Wow it look so good.
[(Teasing)] The chonggak(young radish) kimchi is just.. Wow~
It's driving me insane to watch.
[(Teasing 22)] Ddeokguk is also good.
[(Teasing 333)] Wow the galbi is wow~
Oh this is..
[..?] I didn't say anything..
DK, it's here!
Oh it's here?
[(insert shot of ddeokguk)]
[(Lights / Helped lift it)]
[The actual ddeokguk has entered officially] [(Acting cute)]
Wow it looks really good.
[(Neat ddeokguk set menu)] Wow but this is insane.
[(The fan turned on suddenly)]
But I didn't do it.
[(You are kidding right?)] Hey this doesn't make sense.
[(No no I mean it)] I didn't do anything yet!
What are you doing!
No no I didn't do any-
I didn't do anything, it wasn't because of my actions!
[(Dramatically came to an agreement)]
[(Very close)]
[(Gives up the chopsticks)]
[(Happy because it's delicious)]
[(To the decibel meter)]
[(Get him closer)]
[(Very sensitive)]
[(Half laughter, half breath)]
[(You're going to eat the radish?)]
[Exceeded 60dB] [.....]
[It's over]
[(Frozen)] [(Frozen)]
[(It's over)]
[Bitter] Oh this is too funny.
The bite from the radish kimchi!
Oh this is very funny.
[Choosing the numbers] Okay.
-Then -Number 11.
Number 2.
5 minutes.
[Can have a comfortable meal if the decibel is fine]
Today's star!
-The decibel is -30.
-5. -18!
Number 18.
[!!!] 1000dB.
1000 decibels?
[(5 minutes + 1000dB)] They are just telling you to eat.
just eat
[(Going to just eat)]
Hey even the meat part he got is nice.
Hey! Eat well, DK!
One two three.
Good luck.
Good luck.
Would we get 1000dB if ten of us screamed?
I think we can all talk.
One, two, three!
[Tasting] I will eat well.
-He started. I think you guys can chat.
Hey then should we talk for a while?
Oh my it's so good~
[(Cheeky)] It's so good~
I didn't even have a bite of ddeokguk.
Oh my the soup of ddeokguk is so good.
Give me a bite
Should I try the kimchi that Seungkwan ate?
cruch it
[(radish kimchi ASMR)]
How about boxing for the next Monthly Seventeen? Boxing.
Hold the bone and bite the meat off.
[Everyone is into it]
Wow he got two pieces of bone.
What is this.
It's so good.
-Say something please. -Hm?
[(Say something?)] Say something.
[(Done talking)]
He only got 75 when he did that.
[(Seriously envious)]
I am really envious of him.
It's amazing.
Isn't 1000 gibberish?
I didn't know that I would eat this relaxed.
How loud do we need to be to get 1000 decibel?
[(A combat plane is 120dB)] - Isn't 1000 impossible? - 1000 is...
I think they just left it unlimited
Now really..
[(Ringing the bell of amazement)]
[(The grandeur of 1000dB)]
[King of teasing] I want a sip of the soup it's driving me insane.
I feel sick.
Oh should I taste the soup?
[(Soup ASMR)]
DK, can you ring the bell?
[(Rang the bell)]
Wow the leeway!
The leeway wow~
I don't need to finish the bowl, right?
Oh! (Give it to) me
[(Seventeen is one)]
If you are done, I will return it there.
[(You have to eat young radish kimchi)]
Oh I'm sorry I almost forgot.
Oh I'm sorry~
[(How people feel watching a mukbang)] Eat it with meat and finish it with the soup
Bite the kimchi and then bite the meat?
You'll want to eat ramen if you eat it.
The one I was eating earlier.
Wow that meat is crazy.
[(Are you insane)] Wow it's crazy. I can't believe it.
[(Enjoying the feast)]
I think it's my first time thinking that
-I want to eat something while filming. -You have 2 minutes and 30 seconds left.
He has 2 minutes and 30 seconds left?
Only a quarter has passed.
[(Gives up)] You.. You don't need to eat everything.
Clear the plate, clear the plate.
I will have the last bite.
Wow it looks so good.
[(Teasing)] Oh I'm sorry, I will have one more bite of kimchi.
[(Teasing 22)] I am really sorry. I will have one more bite of meat.
Just eat them all.
Hoshi says DK is kind.
But I don't think so.
Eat slowly, you have a lot of time.
-take your time, you will get an upset stomach. -I am done. Oh it's good.
I will take care of this.
[(Continued next week)] You are going to eat that as you return, right?



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