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Hi, everybody, from the Cape May County Library Teen Department. Our favorite
game to play is called the Werewolves of Miller's Hollow. And the problem is you
need a lot of people to play, so we want to explain how it goes so you can join
us the next time we have a game.
So this is the village of Miller's Hollow but we
seem to be having a werewolf problem. \-Every night the werewolf kills someone
secretly and the next morning we have to figure out who it was. Every morning when
we figure out who it was, or try to, we eliminate one person from the game. The
object of the game is to eliminate the werewolf before the werewolf is able to
kill all the villagers.
So our Storyteller is in charge of the whole game: they put the village to sleep
at night, they tell the different cards when they can use their powers, and then
they wake the village up and explain who died in the night.
This is the werewolf. Every night the werewolf chooses a victim in secret.
This is the villager card. The villager card is a person that
lives in the village and he or she doesn't really have any power, but they
wake up every day and get to vote someone out.
Everyone, go to sleep.
Everyone, wake up.
I'm sorry, you have died on the first night.
Who votes against-
Ooooo, spicy!
I'm sorry, Jeff, but you have died.
(indistinguishable, sped-up debating voices)
Time for the vote! Who votes here? Who votes? Who votes? Three.
This is the Hunter card. This can be used when the Hunter
gets killed he gets to eliminate one of the other players from the game. And hopefully a werewolf!
This is the Witch. The Witch has two potions: one can save a life, the other
will end it. Muahahahahahaha!
This is the Cupid card. And on the first night he matches two
people up to fall in love and if one dies the other dies.
This is the Little Girl card. She can peek at night.
We have three tips for playing the game.
One: have a lot of people. Two: don't make too much noise or they'll figure out who
the werewolf is three don't pick the same person every time because that gets


絶対に盛り上がる『人狼ゲーム』の遊び方を解説! (How to play Werewolves of Miller's Hollow)

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