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  • Never beforeprobably

  • has inversion been explained so quickly or so simply,

  • so pay attention because that's what we're doing.

  • Inversion is something we do in English

  • for emphasis, formality or style.

  • I will never dance.

  • This sentence follows normal word order:

  • subject, auxiliary verb, adverb, verb.

  • 'Never' is a negative or limiting adverb.

  • Other examples are: rarely, hardly and not often.

  • First, move the negative adverb

  • to the beginning of the sentence.

  • Then invert, or swap,

  • the order of the subject and auxiliary verb.

  • Never will I dance.

  • If your sentence is affirmative

  • and doesn't have an auxiliary verb

  • for example, the present or past simple

  • then add one.

  • Rarely do I wake up on time.

  • Remember, it's for emphasis!

  • So only do it for a good reason.

Never beforeprobably


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単純な逆転現象。I will never or never will I?- 一分でわかる英語 (Simple Inversion: I will never or never will I? - English In A Minute)

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