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Tokyo in 24 hours.
Let's go!
Set your alarm early and head over
to the Toyosu Fish Market for some action.
The brand new market complex replaced
the inner section of the Tsukiji Fish Market
and lots of the original restaurants
and stalls have moved over.
So go for a stroll and sit down
for some super fresh breakfast sushi.
If you're feeling like a special coffee
make a stop by Satei Hato in Shibuya.
This spot is an old school kissaten
which are traditional Japanese coffee shops.
It's been in business for many years
and the owner still makes the coffees
the traditional way.
The little shop is dark, moody
and looks like it hasn't changed
for half a century.
But it serves some great drinks
and super tasty cakes.
When you finish your coffee
make your way to upscale Omotesandō
for a stroll among the hills.
Check out the boutiques for a unique souvenir
and visit one of the many second-hand shops
for some great deals on pre-loved fashion.
Escape the busy streets of Tokyo
and wander around the greenery of Yoyogi Park.
Make your way down to Meiji Shrine
to explore the city's most popular shrine
and snap some pics with the iconic saké barrels.
After a big day, nothing fulfills better
than a bowl of ramen.
Afuri Ramen has multiple spots
throughout Tokyo and adds yuzu
to their tsukemen and ramen
for a refreshing and citrusy kick.
Walk down to busy Takeshita Street
for your doses of kawaii
and some of the funkiest sweets in all of Tokyo.
Wander along the strip and grab yourself
some colorful cotton candy and sweet crepes.
But if you only have room for one snack
be sure not to miss the
Croquant Chou Zaku Zaku at ZAKUZAKU.
Made with fresh ingredients from Hokkaido,
this life-changing cream puff is definitely
the crispiest you'll ever taste.
The best way to end any night in Tokyo
is to explore the Golden Gai.
The small network of alleys
house tiny watering holes run by locals.
Each bar has their own unique style
and comes with its own personality.
So go bar hopping,
order a high ball and make new friends
over a drink or two.


東京の見どころを一日で堪能! (The Best 24 Hours in Tokyo!)

136 タグ追加 保存
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