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  • - [Voiceover] Gilbert Faku is a farmer.

  • His homeland is remote, near the bottom of Africa.

  • His life, his wealth is in his farm

  • and the herd of cattle he tends.

  • But what he found in his backyard

  • has brought him on an extraordinary adventure.

  • (light pop music)

  • (speaking foreign language)

  • During the centuries of European navigation

  • toward the Indian Ocean, ships frequently passed

  • Gilbert's homeland on South Africa's Eastern Cape.

  • One such trip ran aground, leaving countless spoils.

  • And Gilbert is one of the few who knows their location.

  • (speaking foreign language)

  • His finds are varied, usually bits of porcelain and beads.

  • But his most prized possession

  • is what keeps him coming back.

  • (speaking foreign language.

  • It's a jewel-encrusted pendant so valuable,

  • yet he refuses to sell it,

  • well, for money, that is.

  • (speaking foreign language)

  • (upbeat light pop music)

- [Voiceover] Gilbert Faku is a farmer.


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B2 中上級

宝農夫の二重生活 (The Double Life of the Treasure Farmer)

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