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drinking sin
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pile up and what the flex i do hope you wash your hands if we could not do you
know who were clean people here and here allies that we do know i i i i am
christian here this is an action that authorized a
what happened that contained in in case you can figure that out and parents are
and their everywhere are you aware of that if you work hard as he
deferred making that when i records that there's no you're subhadra are well you
always expect is going to happen and now finally does gwyneth paltrow destroys
the world hotmail but j
c_n_n_'s u_s_ industrial area where design him she is at the center of all
the guns a worldwide on flu epidemic
then we see governments try to keep up with what's going on in day-to-day
people sort of caught up in the misery in horror
are and panic and what not along with the steven soderbergh kind of follows
the story through multiple lies about matt damon who plays a granddaughter's
husband budget laws a blogger
uh... lawrence fishburne in tune with the work for the c_d_c_ and language or
referral authorization and does all the things that can go wrong
so much
your wife
what are you talking about what happened to her
may sixteen
its affiliates
national guard does
pacing asbury soderberg einon that we have these various strands and that
people's lives in a tiny bit lab that code of ethics and loved the cool
precision of it
you think you have the sale of stellar passes for the sort of seventy-six
disaster movie but there's no hysteria and lake tuesday the quiet of it which
makes the emotional moments pop that much more but you know
that actually took away from the russian military academy was a little too
clinical forever
but i i i get the horror were supposed to feel but at the beginning you know
there's all these lingering shots of people picking things up and touching
door and i said that and pat after a couple minutes leveling okay i got i
wish we were offering turning around and i would say ki but looking at your
credit card somebody or you you present elevator by me not to be all you know
when yall you know it no later than building up my amelia as you are a
little business people used to eat better
don't were out i'm not that worried about the highest level since and that's
what it is you're on your show you guys are are running the souls the previous
damages the thing about the the the movies that bit
james movies and there's a whole section at airports and how bad the seventies
disaster movies in how they were so many things going wrong in the seventies
politically and environmentally that that was a vicarious weight is sort of
experience you know your worst nightmare without actually being in it and i think
this would be really touches those bonds i mean yes not only now a movie no one
zero zero
an enormous but it is
it made it is kind of his or her sick pleasure of seeing how exactly this
would play out and but that was me all this could happen i don't know i
absolutely love it but i'm not going without having to be in the middle of
you get the sort of observation
or like
help with the media respond with the government do what would feel how would
the pharmacological new companies try to take advantage of the situation all i
can stop uh...
is i think maybe it was a little too dispassionate a time to go down that was
why i think i have another one of you know perth quake style hysteria about
his life
it's that the uh... the characters
almost surely exist to do their function in the plots
you know and it's not so much and those people and so was hard to get involved
what what happens to them when they're jobs very functionary
uh... but it it looks great i love the school
or bob's very chilling and and and and and i think it's going to get it became
more deals effort more disturbing reformatted nicely feels like a gets a
right on the like an epidemiologist out of it is a plane landed rang true
by an even moments where he had the and obligatory looting and rioting what
every man that's never hysterical that deals
in this context like
and very
understandable reaction to an incomprehensible graduation like of
course you're going to going you're gonna win
brought food
get all your gay kaylee you can don't have an idea ideas of what was missing
for me was you know i i didn't
i for instance was never feeling
the brief that we were expecting at about payment
for instance longer dances on arafat
yeah and that's kinda what i thought i was at that moment at the end the idea
that he does but it's not like that that is not our in england with limited funds
the camera in a yesses yes at that yeah i i guess so i i don't know i i the
really never felt quite bad
horrifying it as i felt like he wanted me to feel and that was my biggest
company i thought it's good
i think it's good
that it that i will say this is something weird change it back
as people who've been following at our fans of world war as the
and which is a book about this on the outbreak but it's more about how the
world and how
places like that very rich
or the c_d_c_ ed political organizations deal with them outbreak you just have to
be about zombies
as that movies in development everybody's on the web is really upset
because it seems like you to take you to do it
straight-up zombie movie where nationalist book is really about
the world's reaction to academics actually feel like
this is the movie that world war as the
should be and won't be so if you're a fan of it also has made also let me know
before our break which is to get a movie of crisis in the hot zone
bhamrah book about the
the people that you're studying the
the right here violence is in the bulldog which hybrid like the new yorker
story there was a socialist long as you're there was a
super suspenseful really when i was a great book yeah i don't like it and so
this really kind of
especially the latches were giving me that like saying charge it open to other
get that
the stuff in the decision to expel everyone else's everlasting i think you
have about the big-name stars like
marrying her yard and maxine and grandpa joe
it's jennifer you really uh... he's amazing she pretty much still this whole
thing analyzed the data is i have one and this is racing to find a vaccine
on this very much of a young meryl streep kind of nice shoes dissolving
commentary ever remember her from the movie and that's a good thing and
branches are here is our last year's these characters and little
well there are other issues all these other things that i was reading the
satellite hot star presidency as a
that's really cool it's a big issue still this from my experience and that
she's she's a great actors which is i think she's going to adjust and the
roofer in israel
head is really great wisdom immersing submarines places you'd initially
pick up on alerts him you know from removing bob but you know i think the
the big names
do well here are paltrow included i think everybody relief telling
comes on the serbian goes off and that you know a few afraid and they have
represented enrico clintonian dioxin like some clothes jack is a small right
at night because they have to say she is a guest at a very good news and decided
to use casting with traffic and what not there
i thank you loses people sometimes in a hurry i care categorized as a child for
nine philip kerr
hotlines bands that's fine you know was one of only have exactly although you
know it's interesting he was discovered was sitting in a recent interview that
wouldn't it
fees one ways
he can get the big casting a movie like this is because the reason we got like
six or seven days to shoot so it's like shooting a short for those valentine's
day p centers testing and resound go first thing i
sex i thought it could
and allot scarier but it's ok okay
on six point nine and saying seven witnesses at this point six this is
where in the seventy nine
the mid-seventies on
intercellular stephanie recommendation ok it's actually decently company clinic


Contagion - Movie Review

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