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  • What if this lightbulb was the cure to racism, sexism and classism

  • Hear me out

  • Do you know what people and light bulbs have in common?

  • We both expresses different colors have different shapes different sizes.

  • We're manufactured in different places

  • Some of us are bright some dim some clear and some broken

  • We appear to be very different on the outside

  • but the thing about these lights is

  • There is one current running through each bulb

  • And in the same way there is a singular energy running through each person on this planet

  • Doesn't matter what you look like, doesn't matter your race gender nationality, that's just the ball

  • Inside of all that is who you really are

  • Energy

  • Don't believe your energy. Well, riddle me this.

  • Say you have a friend named Jim and you've been visiting Jim in the hospital

  • until one day Jim unfortunately dies on the operating table.

  • You say oh, no Jim died

  • But his body is still there. His race, his gender. But you say Jim died

  • Because you know deep down that Jim was a lot more than his body

  • He was the intelligent energy that gave life to his body. Energy is what we are.

  • An energy has no color

  • it is not Republican nor Democrat. White or black. Energy is not Christian, Muslim, or Atheist. Energy is...

  • Energy is

  • We are intelligent, creative, Universal Energy. And if we understood that

  • Then we would finally know what wise men and women have been trying to tell us since the dawn of time

  • that we are One.

What if this lightbulb was the cure to racism, sexism and classism


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これがあなたの正体です (This Is Who You Are)

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