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Sadio Mane has it, and that's for Origi,
and Divock Origi's done it again!
Always scores against Everton at Anfield on derby day.
Mane's clipped it through, Shaqiri!
Oh, my, oh, my! That is absolutely brilliant.
Davies, Iwobi's cross...
And it might come for Michael Keane!
Who rattles the ball beyond Adrian.
It's been the feistiest start to a derby we've had for a long time,
that's towards Origi, glorious take,
Divock Origi!
Route one from Liverpool results in another Divock Origi goal.
And Mane, there was an attempted foul on him by Iwobi,
but this is Alexander-Arnold and he's got Shaqiri in support,
and he's got Mane as well!
One end to the other - unbelievable first half.
If they get one before half-time they might think they can get back in this -
and they do get one back, it's Richarlison.
Jordan Henderson, look at Wijnaldum's run.
It's beyond him for Sadio Mane, what a first touch!
That was the derby wrapped up for Liverpool, and Sadio Mane of all people.
He's given Holgate the run-around, Gini Wijnaldum!
Wraps it up for Liverpool! Number five with number five!
And it is all smiles on derby day now.


Liverpool 5-2 Everton | Five-star Reds win Merseyside derby | Highlights

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