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What's up guys, it's all you here. Welcome to today's video today. We're doing a day in the life video
I just got ready headed to breakfast
But yeah, we have a busy day today so if you
I'm heading out to my first class of the day, which is marketing
I'm actually running late, but luckily the class is right upstairs
from where eat breakfast so
God so I am headed to my next class of the day
Which is called talent management and organizational fit. It's one of my classes for my major
And I'm majoring in human organizational development also called h OD
But yeah, this class is pretty far. So I'm taking the boosted
Over to Commons which is kind of like where the freshmen live when they first get on canvas
Well, yeah, this is for my HIV class and I'm running late again. So
I'll bring you guys along
Really liked it
See you like it shining brightly for a heggs and little snakes and a croak smoke mirrors
And I see meet my gags. Oh my heart beats like
Soccer get up hot to say she's on my head with madness
Good impact on beat one who got away. You got away you go
bang bang
Just got done with my second class of the day
I have one more after but right now I'm headed to lunch on Commons
Which again is like the where the freshmen live but a lot of my classes are on Commons
So I eat here a lot. But um
yeah, I'm gonna go grab lunch right now and
Then go to my next class
All right guys, so I'm eating lunch right now and I think the food here at Vander is pretty good I
Think most schools, you know, if you're eating a lot on campus, you're probably gonna get sick of the food a little bit
But I just try to balance it by eating out on the weekends
And I really have time to go off-campus during during the week for lunch or something like that. So I'll usually go to
Commons, which is here or e Bronson, which is a residence hall
But it's also a dining area and they have pretty good food all-you-can-eat. So I usually go there or here, but I don't have any
Major complaints about the food but it does get a little bit old sometimes. But again, I think that's pretty typical of any college
All right, guys, I'm headed - what's up
I'm headed to my last class of the day understanding organization. That's for my HIV major again
But this is my last class also. It's like really nice out today
So I think that after class I'm gonna film some
some some of campus show you guys around but right now
So we'd open
My hands through your hair
Alright guys just got finished with class done for the day. So I'm headed back home. I'm actually gonna pick something up from
the campus post office
but after that, I'm gonna
Have to actually fix my booster board right now. It's like
Fix that but then I'm gonna head to the gym right after
She says she can't see I said not yet
She says she yellow see a fixture of something I'm on my way home right now, but it is so nice outside
So I think I'm going to film for a little bit and I'll show you guys a little edit. I put together, right?
Good to see you
The time is currently 308 so I'm gonna go to the gym right now first kind of change
Alright guys, I just got back from the gym
I'm going to take a shower and then I have headed to dinner with some friends
But before that I got to get some work done, so I would speech tomorrow for my public speaking class
I'm gonna work on that until I leave for dinner
Once you business variances, please don't pay me for whatever
Get you in trouble see ya. Yes for sure
We're at the mantra Mart, which is what is it? What is it Cory?
Chobani flips
Have you guys tried so many flips? They're really good
All right, guys, we just got back from Shake Shack. I have some work to do
I've got that speech tomorrow as well as a quiz and then I have a few things I want to do before I sleep tonight
But it is currently
8 p.m. And so we're gonna try to end the day strong and keep working hard
We found a study room - this one work in C. Hi Leah
Say hi Leah
And I still not practice my speech but we're gonna do that right now
Alright guys
so I just got back to the suite finished studying at the library and
I have to learn some programming and do some research for my business
But after that I will be done for the night. So
Let's get right into it
Thank you guys so much for watching this video
If you enjoyed any part of it
Please drop a like it helps me out a ton
And let me know down in the comments what other types of videos you want me to make also
feel free to check out my Instagram and
Again, thank you guys so much for watching until the end
My life is not that
Interesting, but you guys made it all the way through so congrats and I will catch you guys in the next one


A Day In My Life at Vanderbilt University

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