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- Are you okay, are you stressed right now?
- I'm stressed out, I don't know!
What if she doesn't like it?
- Yeah, that is gonna reflect poorly on me.
- [Both] It's Valentine's Day!
- The worst holiday of the year for everyone.
- No one likes this (beep) holiday!
- Why do we have to force a romantic connection
on a certain day?
- What's the most romantic gesture you've done,
or someone has done for you on Valentine's Day?
- I snuck into Ariel's room
and put flowers everywhere,
this was on her birthday.
- What about for Valentine's Day?
Men always seem to fail at this,
it's simple!
You send presents to her work
to make all her other bitches jealous!
- Oh, really?
- Valentine's Day isn't about each other!
It's all about showing everyone else
how much you love each other!
- Kelsey, we already talk about how much we love each other,
all the time anyways,
and it annoys people!
- Too bad, you don't have a choice.
What? Also what?
- She works from home.
- Oh.
Ned, it seems like you're in a weird position
because you don't really know what to get her.
She works from home,
I'm gonna help you.
- You are.
- I'm gonna get a gift for your wife
for Valentine's Day, from you.
- So I'm gonna give her a gift from me,
but it's actually gonna be from you.
- Yeah!
- Oh my god, this is very exciting!
- Let's talk about budget for Valentine's Day.
- I really wouldn't want to go above $50.
- So $50 is what we're working with here.
- Yeah.
- Okay, here's a trick that I do
when it's someone else's birthday.
I buy them a gift that also includes me.
- I do like that, like experiences.
- Something you could do together.
Oh, wait, I love this!
- I got an idea!
Hamilton, I went to see it in New York without her
and she got really jealous,
so if I surprise her with Hamilton tickets--
- Yeah, but how much money are you trying to spend?
- [Both] 1500 dollars!
- Yikes! - Oh no!
- God, this is actually harder
than I thought it was gonna be.
Does she like, oh god.
- I'll just get her the Hamilton tickets.
- What about if you can read this,
bring me a glass of wine socks?
- I'll just take out a second mortgage.
If you can read this bring me a second glass of wine.
- Yeah, and it's on socks,
so when her feet are up.
- That's super cute.
- She likes wine, right?
- She does like wine!
- Oh, I got it, I got it.
What is important about a Valentine's Day gift?
It's custom, it's meaningful,
and it's something that will remind you of that day forever.
A custom wine glass would be great.
- Set of two,
so that I can drink wine, too!
- Oh, very good!
Personalized wine glasses, 19.99!
- $19, Not bad, not bad!
- [Kelsey] What if we got little wine glasses
with a kiss and a mustache?
- She would be into that!
- [Kelsey] Hello, I am looking for
a custom Valentine's Day gift.
Thanks so much, Ned.
Wow, I hope she likes it, I'm nervous.
- I think she'll like it.
Ariel, looks like there's a package here for you.
Oh, I think you should open it!
- What is it?
Oh my gosh!
It's a big glass that says Ariel!
Ariel and Ned!
That's so cute, honey!
What are they for?
- [Ned] It's an early Valentine's Day present!
- You!
- [Ned] I didn't pick them out!
- Oh!
- [Ned] Kelsey did!
- Oh, that's adorable!
Thank you, Kelsey!
- Kelsey, you are very good at picking out gifts.
So that's it!
Get someone a gift that you can have an experience together!
- There you go.
Like drinking wine.
- Right.
- Or Hamilton tickets.
When in doubt, Hamilton tickets will make anyone happy.
- If you have an extra $3000,
- Paypal it to Ned. - Hamilton tickets.
- Oh (laughs) yeah.


Single Woman Picks Out Couple's Valentine's Day Gift

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