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  • My name is Lindsey Doe and I'm a Sexologist, and serial monogamist.

  • I have a YouTube channel, called Sexplanations, and this is your episode on breaking up.

  • There are many ways to transform a romantic relationship into a non-romantic one.

  • But, there are things I would avoid.

  • Like, punching the person in the face, or ignoring them until they get the point.

  • So you could wait until someone else comes along.

  • Stop talking or spending time together.

  • Move!

  • Like, pack up your things and drive away.

  • Text, email, put it on a sticky note.

  • Or, sit down over tea and say good bye.

  • In most cases using your words is the healthiest way to go, but that doesn't have to be done

  • in person, or with an explanation.

  • There's no right way to change, just less hurtful ones.

  • Assuming you've done the task of deciding to break up, video guidance here..

  • This is the video about how to break up.

  • 1: Ask yourself what you need - you're part of this break up too.

  • Do you need space?

  • Support?

  • A party?

  • A lawyer?

  • Put these things in place so that you're prepared before you say goodbye, and not while in the

  • midst of it.

  • 2.

  • Ask yourself what you're afraid of.

  • Are you afraid of being lonely?

  • Of hurting the other person; retaliation; making the wrong decision; sadness; guilt;

  • memories?

  • You don't know what your future self is going to experience, but you can be aware of the

  • feelings your present self has about it.

  • Hold this up to the possibility that the future could be better than you possibly ever imagined,

  • for everyone.

  • 3.

  • Use the acronym THINK.

  • Is it Thoughtful, Honest, Intelligent, Necessary, and Kind.

  • And communicate just that.

  • 4.

  • Consider what the other person needs.

  • You've been in an intimate relationship with them.

  • Hear what they have to say, and then, like I've done for you, encourage them to self-care,

  • and hope for a better future.

  • 5.

  • Take really good care of yourself.

  • There's nothing shameful about the way you relate to situations.

  • He was your partner, now he's your former partner.

  • The best break up line ever - our relationship is going to be changing.

  • It's like renting or buying a house, you could have every intention of living there forever,

  • but if it's not working our or whatever reason, I hope that you find a better home that suits

  • your needs, and you move your belongings there with grace.

  • That's a metaphor for packing and unpacking your emotions carefully.

  • With consideration for others, but not responsibility for them.

  • You've got this!

My name is Lindsey Doe and I'm a Sexologist, and serial monogamist.


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誰かと別れる方法 The RIGHT Way (ft. Dr. Lindsey Doe!) (How to Break Up with Someone the RIGHT Way (ft. Dr. Lindsey Doe!))

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