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Hi guys, welcome to another episode of TwoSet Violin.
Today, we want to learn a new piece,
and the piece is called...
It's a very popular piece,
I always have trouble saying it,
and I don't know if I've said it right just then.
We've never actually officially learned the piece before.
So of course,
we have to go online and seek out recordings to see
what it's supposed to sound like.
All right, who's going first?
Scissors, paper, rock!
You go first.
So of course, now you gotta try and play it.
My bow broke...
Did you hear that she's 12 years old, Brett?
She's 12. *sigh*
Dude, I think I ruined it.
Oh, f...
Time to buy a new bow.
What're you doing?
There we go.
All right.
She's so confident.
I wonder if she gets nervous.
So calm.
So in control.
So in tune.
Such good tone.
Such bow control!
Good luck.
- We haven't even gotten to the fast part yet! That's a... - I know.
*gasp* Whoa!
Oh ho ho!!!
She's so like...
- As if it's so easy... - I know.
Okay, okay. Okay!
- It's your turn bro. - All right, bring it on!
I need some molto space.
What key is it in?
C major, really? No, it's not!
- It is! - Oh is it?
- No, A minor. - It's—it doesn't—
Yeah, it doesn't sound like C major.
It is sad that I actually tried.
I feel you man.
I don't even think I could like...
...do vibrato properly at all.
I still can't do vibrato like she does.
And I'm 25! *sigh*
And the "harmonicy" in there!
No no no no no...stop, stop, stop. *laughs*
- That's enough. - That's too much. *chuckles*
Dude, we're not even in shot, but doesn't matter.
Oh, I hit it!
We're almost at the end, guys!
- We nearly finished learning the piece. - I know.
This is how you learn, we're so close.
Tempo has to be the same.
Alright, before you start,
I just want to check something.
Yeah, that's right.
Standing ovation. Good.
People can appreciate talent.
*laughs* Oh!
So my goal, to the end.
When you learn a piece, what's very important is...
...you have to keep the tempo.
I guess that's how you learn a piece.
Dude I can't play...I couldn't sightread... *laughs*
Thanks for watching.


When a 12 Year Old Plays Better Than You

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