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  • In this video you will learn basic airport Vocabulary.

  • A lot of people travel by plane, jets airplane, aircraft.

  • First of all, you need to buy a ticket and pay airfare -

  • the cost of the plane ticket.

  • You choose between economy class - the lowest class of traveling

  • and first-class with better seating and more services

  • You go to check in desk to pass check-in.

  • Here are some questions, a check-in officer may ask you

  • Show you passport please / Can I see your passport?

  • Would you like an aisle seat or a window seat?

  • Do you have baggage to check in?

  • Do you have any hand luggage?

  • Do you have anything to declare?

  • You are asked to pass a metal detector, to check you don't have illegal items.

  • After that the passengers go to departure lounge and wait for their flight.

  • At international airports you can enjoy duty free shopping.

  • Departure time / departures - the time planes leave the airport

  • Gate is the place where passengers wait to board the plane

  • People who take care of passengers on the plane

  • overhead bin/ compartment -a place to store bags above the passenger seats

  • a safety device used during an emergency landing in water

  • a safety device that gives passengers oxygen during an accident

  • a safety device that holds passengers in their seats

  • Passengers go to baggage claim

  • to pick up the baggage.

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In this video you will learn basic airport Vocabulary.


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空港で英単語 (At The Airport: English Vocabulary)

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