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- Here's how "The Mandalorian" episode three
changes everything we thought we knew.
The third chapter for "The Mandalorian" dropped this Friday
and it's continuing to solidify itself
as appointment TV for Disney+.
And since an awful lot happens this episode,
well, we're just gonna get right into it.
So let's go ahead and pop up
(bell dings) that spoiler warning for
those of you who have not yet seen
episode three of "The Mandalorian",
and for those who hae, take this time
to like and subscribe and I dunno, just live your life.
Every thumb's up ensures that baby Yoda
lives for another day.
You don't want to kill baby Yoda, do you?
Do you?
Still here, great!
So with this latest outing, "The Sin",
it basically changes everything for
"The Mandalorian" going forward.
Allow us a moment to recap.
The episode begins with the Mandalorian
doing exactly what we hoped he wouldn't do,
turning ze child over to the ze client,
and Doctor Pershing.
However, he does get an ice cream maker's
worth of beskar out of it, also known as a camtono,
which he then uses to flex on every other
bounty hunter known to man by getting
a set of shiny new Mandor-armor,
even though some of his fellow Mandalorians
take umbrage to his working for remnants of the Empire,
who basically wiped most of them out.
We know the Mandalorians and Mandalore
have had a rough go of it from The Clone Wars
through the reign of the Empire,
which led to the remaining Mandalorians
living in secret coverts, with only one
being able to leave at a single time.
They have to live as both bounty hunter
and bounty hunted, as they point out.
Also, side, note, how cool was it
to see even more vibroblades?
I was a little surprised the first time
when he just one-shot that giant beast with it,
but this kind of like Mandalorian stand-off,
ooh, sent chills up my spine.
Those have been a staple in the "Star Wars"
expanded universe for decades,
and we finally get to se them in live-action,
I don't know, it just rules.
But let's stay on target, shall we?
After he game up ze child for what amounted
to a new set of armor,
he had to ask himself an important question:
"Is there any way that I, the Mandalorian,
"can keep the payment and still get the kid back
"at the same time?"
Well, of course there is, Mando.
Through wanton murder, I mean, look,
he's a Mandalorian after all,
he's not gonna just ask for it back.
He's gonna take it.
After he hears a few more details about the kid
and the job from ze Client and Doctor Pershing,
Mando pulls a full "Solid Snake".
He goes Mando Gear Solid to rescue baby Yoda
from the Stormtrooper-guarded facility.
Unfortunately for the Mando, having a giant heart
puts a giant target on his back.
This is considered a betrayal
of the Bounty Hunter Guild code of conduct.
And this means that all manner of scum and villainy
are gonna shoot their shot at him.
All seems to be lost though, until his Mandalorian fam
shows up to rescue him and the wee baby Yoda
in a stunning action sequence
where we finally get to see, in glorious live-action,
what makes the Mandalorian so cool
and so good at what they do.
And consequently, the Mando and the wee baby Yodes
are able to escape off the planet.
And from there, well, it seems like
there's a galaxy worth of ways that this could go from here.
The ending changes everything we thought we knew so far.
It also leaves us with oh-so-many questions.
Such as what's the Mandalorian's plan
now he has the wee baby Yoda and now he has
both the remnants of the Empire
and the Bounty Hunters Guild on his tail.
Well, let's look at everything we know so far
and see if we can answer it.
The Mandalorian's in the Outer Rim,
far away from the New Republic
who doesn't really seem like much of an option anyway
to the Mandalorian, 'cause he basically brushes
the entire New Republic off as a group,
when Greef Karga mentions them earlier in the episode.
And after their rescue mission,
he probably can't rely on his Mandalorian clan
too much for further support.
They're gonna have to relocate their covert
if they're going to survive.
Plus, he probably wants to lead enemies away from them
instead of towards them.
Sp what options does this leave us?
Where could a 50-year old baby with Force abilities be safe?
Well, the obvious option is at Luke Skywalker's
rebooted Jedi Academy, if it has indeed
been founded at this point in the canon.
But this honestly doesn't feel too likely.
The Jedi and the Sith are basically just legends
after years of Imperial disinformation campaign,
and even at their height,
there were only an estimated 10,000 Jedi
patrolling the entire galaxy far, far, away.
The idea that people in the Outer Rim
believe in the Jedi, know they've returned,
and know where to find them, I don't know,
seems pretty slim.
Plus I cannot tell you what a massive bummer it would be
if baby Yoda gets rescued only to get straight up
murdered when Kylo Ren later destroys the Jedi Academy
Jesus Christ, Ben Swolo,
what kinda monster are you? (man laughing)
Rey, no!
Now even if it doesn't involve the Jedi
or some digitally de-aged Luke Skywalker,
it definitely does hinge on the wee baby Yoda
being Force-sensitive.
Could Mando try to track down the rest of Yoda's species?
Well, short of him raising baby Yoda to baby adult-hood,
that seems likeliest for now.
Another huge question that we have is
who is that mysterious person mentioned
when Mando eavesdrops on ze Client and Doctor Pershing?
This is also where he hears ze Client
tell Pershing to extract the necessary material
from ze child, which, it's gotta be midichlorians, right?
Because anything else is just gross.
- Yes, yes, yes.
- During this conversation, Pershing says,
- [Pershing] (static drown out speech) explicitly ordered us
to bring it back alive.
- So who is this mysterious person that they're working for?
Could it be another powerful Imperial warlord
like Moff Gideon Who we have yet to meet?
Or, could it be a former Important like Brendol Hux,
Armitage Hhux's dad, who's training children
from the First Order and wants to give them
an injection of that sweet, sweet Force sauce?
- Yes!
- Jedi juice.
- Yes!
- Sith chowder.
- Yes!
- Or follow us on this speculation train, why don't you?
Follow us, all aboard, Chew-Chew-Chewbacca,
or could it be Grand Admiral Thrawn?
I'm losing it guys, I'm so sorry.
He was missing on the galactic stage
during the fall of the Empire
due to him being whaled out to another part of the galaxy,
so maybe he found his way back in the intervening decade.
We know in the new Thrawn trilogy
of noels by Timothy Zahn that the Chiss Ascendancy
uses Force-sensitive children
to navigate hyper-space in the unknown regions,
and those kids lose their sensitivity when they grow older.
Kind of like me with Waze.
So perhaps some Midichlorian injections from baby Yoda
would solve that problem.
Just give me some of that baby Yoda,
oh, I just need it.
- Yes, yes, yes.
- Or maybe, maybe we're just going too deep
into all of this.
I mean, look, "Star Wars" fans poring over
every piece of minutiae to make elaborate
fan theories for what's going on, who woulda thought?
What's next, a larger Luke?
It's ruined my (beep) life.
Hey, remember that time when we all thought
that Snoke's black crystal ring
was gonna be a big plot point in "The Last Jedi"?
Yeah, yeah. (laughs sarcastically)
Good times.
Ultimately no matter what happens,
we're excited to see where "The Mandalorian" goes,
especially after this ending for chapter three.
But what do you folks think?
WHat do you think the Mando's plan is from here on out,
and were you excited to see
live-action Mandalorians kicking ass,
unlike certain Boba Fett's I could name?
And how soon till the Mandalorian gets his own jet-pack?
Let's discuss.
Thank you so much for watching.
If you like what you saw,
why not give us a like and subscribe.
And if you want to get notified every time
we go live with a new show or dorp a new video,
please feel free to mash that little bell.
That way you can be up to date
on all the latest theories, news and rumors
in the pop culture world.
(upbeat electronic music)


How The Mandalorian Episode 3 Changes Everything! (Nerdist News w/ Dan Casey)

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