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Disney princes in real life, I was about to say Disney princess.
Like a prince, but plural - a lot of them.
How's it going guys, welcome to Reaction Time.
Today, we're going to be looking at some Disney animated princes in real life.
Have you ever imagined what a Disney prince would look like if it was a human being?
No? Too bad.
Today we're going to be looking at at what they actually look like as humans.
So without further ado, let's look at the first one.
Let's see what this guy is going to look as a human being.
This is Prince Charming from "Cinderella."
This is him animated, and this is him as a human being.
BAM! Prince Charming!
Jeez, that is so realistic!
He actually looks like, who does he...he looks like this actor.
I don't know who, can someone let me know in the comments below
I think I forget his name.
But he looks very similar to a very well-known actor.
Look at all that bling though - that's what it would look like in real life.
Would any of you ladies date this man?
It's Prince Charming - he does look very charming, not going to lie.
And next we got Aladdin.
I think in the animated Disney movie "Aladdin," he actually lived on the streets or something like that.
I know he was poor, but don't worry because Aladdin has a modeling career now.
Look at that! This is Aladdin as a human being - imagine.
Seeing this guy on the street you're going to be like, "come here, come here, man."
He's going to be like: "yo, wassup? What's up, dude?"
"Have you ever thought about modeling?"
"Me, model? I'm just a guy living on the streets."
"Yeah, you should definitely model, bro."
Aladdin in human form actually looks like a guy I was friends with.
He was a tennis player, and they look so similar, except Aladdin has longer hair
But oh, they definitely look so similar, it's kind of creeping me out at this point.
Aladdin has abs, I'm jealous
But I guess this is how Aladdin would look like as a human being.
Whoever drew this is really, really talented and can make it super, super accurate.
So, apparently the artist's name is Jirka Vinse Jonathan Va...
Okay I'm not going to try.
This is the artist's name that made these realistic drawings of these animated Disney characters.
So that's him if you want to check him out
Here's Eric... but he's animated.
Now let's look at human Eric.
Holy sh** human Eric, how you doing?
How you doing, man? You look like an entrepreneur.
You know like from the movies though.
The entrepreneurs that would go to the club at night and would get all the ladies, all the ladies loved him, but he's looking for that one special girl.
Yeah, that's him. That's him right there.
"Yo, Eric? Though like, for real, can I ask you what's your workout routine cause I'm try'na I'm trying to get that chiseled chest, man.
What does this guy use for his teeth?
You use Crest, huh?
It's Crest whitening strips, huh?
This guy uses whitening strips Crest, oh my god, wow.
I'm definitely going to have another video where it's going to be princesses in real life.
Let's go on to the next one
John Smith.
Think it's from "Pochahontas."
Let's see what he looks like as a human being, Mr. Smith.
Oh my god it's Thor the man himself.
Okay, wait, but low-key what happened to his..
Like his chest looks kinda weird... his chest kinda looks like a titty.
I don't know what happened there, but, oh yeah, this is kind of creeping me out now.
He has a titty chest.
He has a little boob hanging out from the side.
No, but seriously, I'm jealous of this guy
This is Thor as a human being... it's John Smith.
If only I had his jawline like ... I'm trying to get it!
I just don't want your boob.
We're good there.
Prince Adam... which is the Beast from "Beauty and the Beast."
Let's see, okay I'm actually really excited to see him as a human being.
Oh my god, there he is.
The Beast, the man, the legend himself.
Oh my god, and his shirt is see-through as well.
Why are their shirts all see-through?
I do not need to see your nipples, man, no I'm just kidding.
This artist is so talented, I really hope you guys check him out.
I'm not sponsored or anything like that, I'm just saying this is incredible.
Alright, Tarzan... He's basically like an ape.
Tarzan was like a human ape, but let's see what he looks like as a human animated Disney prince.
Holy sh** Tarzan how you doing, do you speak English?
I could imagine him like as a human being he would be just like...
And I'm just like "yeah, okay, stop touching me"
Tarzan, Tarzan! Focus, focus!
But honestly, he has such a beautiful face, and if he was an actual human being I would be jealous of his face.
I'm not a fan of like the long hair as much, but I mean it's working for him.
It's definitely--I'm not going to argue with Tarzan, okay, he's not the type of guy you would argue with
He's pretty strong.
And speaking of strong... Hercules!
He's a god actually, and let's see what this god looks like as a human being
Oh wow. Oh--he looks like one of those 70's actors.
Let's look at some 70's actors.
Does that kind of look similar? No.
I see you have been working on your muscles man, you look really good
I'm not crying, I'm not jealous, but this man is just so beautiful.
Like what does it take? How do I become a god?
I'm trying to become a god, level 9000 you know what I'm saying, Hercules?
In reality I don't want any of these guys to actually be humans.
Because in reality, if you think about it, all the girls in the world, they would think that the rest of us just look like sh**
They're going to be like, "Why can't you look like Hercules?"
I'm going to be like: "B***, you think I'm a god?"
"You think I'm a--oh, I get it you're saying I'm a god."
"But I need to look like Hercules--you saying I'm an ugly god?!"
"If only you could look like Prince Charming"
"What's char - what? Why do you want me to look like Prince Charming?"
I can't even get like half his level.
Look at that! His shoulder is worth more than my bank account.
Look at all of that gold.
He doesn't even have to say anything, and girls actually just fall over and faint for this guy.
We can't compete, guys.
It would be a very bad situation if these princes and these characters would actually be humans.
We would have no chance against them.
- Hercules! Hercules! Hercules!
Guys, thank you so much for watching this video, I really appreciate it.
Make sure to go click on another one if you enjoyed this
I'm most likely going to make: "Princesses in Real Life" and what they would look like as humans.
But until then make sure you subscribe so you get the notification when that happens.
And I'll see you guys again next time on another episode of Reaction Time, 'till then have a great one guys, peace out.



ディズニー王子たちを現実化してみたら?リアルすぎる爆笑実写化  (Disney Princes In Real Life)

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