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Google is a place that I just fell in love with the culture, I fell in love with the energy.
There was just a vibe that I wanted to be a part of.
It's just some place where I can never imagine myself getting bored.
Because we're thinking about billions of users, and so that's a lot of impact that you can have.
And it's just really gratifying.
Google is so much at the forefront of technology, and the way that our culture is built, we are always looking for the 10x.
We are always looking for the leapfrog innovation.
So you have to be willing to let all your preconceived notions be broken at any moment.
You are gonna have to make your own rules sometimes, and this is actually part of the fun.
I get to try new technologies.
I get to implement them in different ways that maybe no other company has done them before.
And so you can really go beyond your skill set that you think you have at the moment, and push the boundaries.
The part that makes it really fun is, there are so many teams across Google that have amazing expertise.
And I get to work with these people, not only build something with them, but I learn so much.
Pick any topic, and I can promise you there's someone here who is both better at it than you or more knowledgeable, and also, and more importantly, willing to help you learn.
Everybody here is so nice; they're so encouraging.
So that's very reassuring, to be in a company where people value you.
I am fortunate enough to work with people from a lot of different experiences, a lot of different backgrounds, and we use that in our advantage.
It's really the best idea wins.
There's a lot of debate, but it's really to bring those different viewpoints together.
And that's what we want our products to represent.
We believe the benefits of technology should apply to all.
And that's a mission that really is very, very inspiring.
So, when I show up at work, I'm able to do all the things that I love,
solving hard problems, and working for the people that I manage.
That makes it worthwhile for me to show up every day.



Google で働く その社内を覗く (What's it like to work at Google?)

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