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Oh my God- Jeorgen! Jeorgen!
Run Jeorgen! RUN!
Move! Move, move, move-
Good Minecraft morning to you, fellas!
Top of 'da morning!
Today, we are starting off the game outside!
That's because I downloaded the PewDiePie-Pack,
that one of you fellow nine year olds have made.
Another super-duper request, is that I use shaders.
And I have! And I've never seen it before.
So this is the first time I am looking at shaders in Minecraft - very epic.
And as you can see here, it says "Minecraft - Jeorgen Edition"!
Ehhh... Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Hopefully this doesn't break my save file.
OH! (Chuckles) What?
Jeorgen you look so good!
My god...
Wait, I have extra gold.
Oh gosh, how did this happen, I was...
Who the frick are you!?
Impostor-! I can barely see the water, it looks so pretty...
My God...
(Pained sheep cries)
Don't ever look at me again.
(Bell tolls twice)
This is weird!
Oh my god they're wiggling!
They're wiggling- Jeorgen! Sven!
Let me look at you!
Oh my god you're cute...
... And you look the same.
Jeorgen let me look at you! Wow, look at how beautiful he is in this lens flare...
My God... My God!
So, as you can see there's a- there's a couple changes...
I've been playing a lot. Like, a lot, lot.
(Snickers) I've been playing so much.
I didn't wanna get ahead, so I've just been-
Did that just move on it's own?
I've just been, uh, building stuff, so...
I built this temple...
... For Water Sheep! It's a Water Temple.
So there's water flowing everywhere.
I spent a long time on this, okay? A very long time... (Laughs)
Oh my God- It's for Water Sheep, of course.
Of course, I have to do it to him.
And the idea is that the water flows from the water church...
Into it- And it feeds... It feeds my crops.
Thank you, Water Sheep.
You are gone, but not forgotten- So.
In this church, the- all the sheeps get to walk free.
In the... Where are they?
Come back here! Scumbag!
You're supposed to be free!
Oh my God.
(Laughs) I think I found them...
Come down from there!
How did this happen!?
Oh my gosh...
Oh no, sorry!
Oh my God, have they been...
He just wants to go up again- NO, HE'S ESCAPING, KILL HIM!
Why do I have twenty FPS(frames per second) in here?
Don't think so, coward!
(Pained sheep cries)
Be free.


Goodbye my Minecraft horse.. - Part 19

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2019 年 12 月 21 日 に公開
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