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What's something you don't understand about grown-ups?
I don't understand your question, right now.
There you go, that's a good answer.
What's something you don't understand about grown-ups?
This is a hard question.
How they work all day.
Why they're always tired when they wake up.
How they snore loud.
That they sleep too long.
They're just so sophisticated.
Why they always say, like, "Hey, baby."
Why do they call them baby?
I don't understand why grown-ups have to do everything so fast and quickly.
It's kind of boring.
What is something you don't understand about grown-ups?
That sometimes they're kind of awkward.
Why they do taxes.
They don't like playing video games with you.
They always get the bigger room with a bathroom, and I have to go to another bathroom.
What's something you don't understand about grown-ups?
Why they like beer.
Why do they get drunk?
When they drink vodka mixed with stuff, and they think it tastes good.
When they think that beer and stuff is essential.
They smoke.
They like coffee.
How they like coffee.
Why they drink coffee.
It tastes terrible.
How they do so much stuff, like cook everything.
And I don't even know how to cook.
I don't know why kids make German cakes with them.
Why they like spicy food.
Why they like stealing all my ice cream.
They eat way more than I do.
Why they always have to go on a diet.
Yeah. I don't know why mom eats so many vegetables.
She's trying to be healthy. So boring.
Why they don't eat sugar.
They get to drink soda.
And eat ice cream all night and I don't.
If they say it's so bad, why do they do it?
Why can't the kids do that at night?
When you ask somebody can I get candy? No.
They don't say yes.
They'll say no.
Why they always say no?
They tell us to do things.
Why are they so-
Why do they always have to be so demanding?
It can be the slightest thing, like they're missing sunscreen, like right here, just one little dot, and they have to put it on.
I just don't get that.
Why they can be in control of everything.
Why they pester us to clean our rooms.
They be mean to me.
Why they have weird mood swings.
They say bad words.
Like the D-word, S-word...
Start yelling at each other.
Like where to go.
When they fight.
Why they fight.
Why do you get mad so much?
Why they get-
So grumpy?
I don't know.
Probably because they're tired.
They should be grateful and they should be very kind to children.
What is something you don't understand about grown-ups?
The kissing.
I do not get that.
They take everything seriously.
They make grownup jokes that kids don't understand.
They laugh at their own jokes.
Some grownups laugh-
At random things.
They always have these boring conversations at dinner.
They think that kids are so annoying but they were once that too.
I don't understand what happened with them before I was born.
Like, how did they have fun?
Why'd they become, like, super different.
Why they don't like toys and everything else now.
Is there anything that confuses you about adults?
Like what?
I don't understand how they get the baby out of their tummy.
What is something you don't understand about grown-ups?
Why they always keep secrets from children.
That they keep secrets.
Why they get to use the phone at night.
They talk too much.
Why they lose their top.
Let me see
I don't-
Understand when they talk stupid.
They say crazy things.
What is something you don't understand about grown-ups?
Why their poop is so big.
I don't understand.
Mostly anything.
Everything. Nothing. I don't know anything.
Nothing else.
Nothing today.
I'm thinking, like, uhhh...
You understand everything about adults?
There's nothing that confuses you about them?
Nothing confuses me about adults.


子供100人に聞いた、大人の「これ」が分からない! (100 Kids Explain What They Don't Understand About Grownups | 100 Kids | HiHo Kids)

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