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Don't let the makeup fool you, okay?
My face is h*lla pimply.
Whaddup everyone, it's your girl Superwoman.
Also, hi, hello, my name is Lilly.
And I'm one of those fortunate adults that has acne.
That's right kids, you know when you have acne and someone says to you, "Don't worry kid, you'll grow out of it."
Please know that there's a chance you'll grow into it.
Yay, me!
And when you have acne these are things people will say to you ALL THE TIME.
You should just drink more water.
Honestly it's because you touch your face a lot.
Do you... eat a lot of greasy food?
Have you ever tried toothpaste and honey?
You mix sugar with honey.
Milk and honey.
And then heat up the coconut oil.
Make sure you smash the flax seeds.
With a little bit of fresh rose water.
Works wonders.
Changed my friends life.
Just cleared all of her Chakras.
There's just new cleanser.
Wait, have you tried this new face cream?
It's like an oil free toner.
It's a little expensive but it works.
It's like a face mask.
You can only get it online.
I'll send you a link.
Honestly, you can't even see that pimple.
Ugh. My skin is so bad right now too.
I'm looking.
Don't you see?
Like right here.
It's all over.
Wait, actually your skin looks really good today.
Shut up!
Shut up!
Shut u- actually?
What was it?
Toothpaste and what?
Honey? That's good, I'm going to try that.
And that's only if you're around decently polite human beings.
Okay, growing up in an Indian family things were a lot more straightforward.
Your pimples are very bad.
Oi! What happened to your face?
Oi! You're getting fat.
That's not even what this video's about!
Ok, what?
I love myself, but I'd be dumb not to try.
Yo, did you like this video?
I hope you did 'cause there's literally honey all over my face.
For that, click the thumbs up.
You can check out my last video right over there.
Second vlog channel, daily vlogs, right over there.
If you haven't check it out what are you waiting for there's honey on my face!
Make sure you subscribe because I make videos every Monday and Thursday.
One love Superwoman.
That is a wrap and ZOOP.



アクネとの戦い (The Struggles of Having Acne)

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Helena 2019 年 12 月 18 日 に公開    Ken 翻訳    Yukiko チェック
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