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  • Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls,

  • I present to you the world's largest burrowing clam.

  • This is the geoduck.

  • And oh my God, it's an alien.

  • What the?

  • Oh my God, just look at it.

  • This is a geoduck.

  • And well, it looks like a, I guess, yeah.

  • Anyway.

  • The geoduck is a type of saltwater clam

  • that only comes from this region in the pacific northwest.

  • They can burrow themselves several feet underground,

  • which makes collecting them a little difficult.

  • Isn't that right, Michael?

  • Yeah, absolutely.

  • So when we're harvesting geoduck,

  • we use low pressure, high volume water.

  • The water comes in through the wand,

  • and then it makes the ground soft enough,

  • so you can stick your arm down three feet

  • to reach the neck of the geoduck to pull it out.

  • The majority of the time what you're looking for

  • is these guys sticking up or these little holes

  • and that's how you know where they are.

  • And viola, a geoduck.

  • - [Michael] This is the belly,

  • the softest part of the meat of the geoduck.

  • This is the neck where the majority

  • of the meat comes from, the two siphons are on the end

  • and they're kind of like humans where, you know,

  • they're not all the same; it's just everyone's different.

  • The majority of geoducks farmed here

  • will be sent to east Asia,

  • where they are a sought after delicacy.

  • But here in Seattle, they're still a big deal

  • and nobody gets more excited for geoduck than this guy.

  • So Tom, how do you prepare it?

  • - We have put it in chowders in the past, from time to time,

  • but when you come in here to eat geoduck

  • at Taylor Shellfish, you're gonna have it raw.

  • It's all about accentuating the freshness

  • of the geoduck chilled on the plate

  • with all those other great fresh ingredients.

  • Prepared right, the texture of geoduck

  • is what really separates it from everything else.

  • You think about it as having the sweetness

  • of the scallop, the saltiness of calamari,

  • and you have a really excellent combination.

  • I love eating geoduck.

  • I'll just slice a bunch, put it on a plate,

  • squirt a little lemon, throw some salt.

  • I couldn't ask for more.

  • And now the most important part, the taste.

  • Delicious.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls,


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