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  • Three ways to lose weight without dieting.

    ダイエットせずに体重を減らす、3 つの方法

  • How we'd all love to reduce our waist lines and get rid of those extra pounds all by themselves.


  • Wait a second, it's entirely possible.


  • No more starving following strict diets and going to the gym like crazy.


  • All you need to do to get in shape is follow these three alternative ways, one, two, three, and it's done.

    体調を整えるために必要なのは、代わりにこの 3 つの方法に従うことだけです。1、2、3 で終わりですよ。

  • The new You is on the way.


  • Let's see what these fantastic ways are.


  • 1. Contrast Shower

    1. コントラスト・シャワー

  • This method is quite simple and often accompanied by other procedures


  • When finishing a shower keep switching the water from cold to hot.


  • First you should increase the water temperature up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit and stay under the running water for three to four minutes.

    最初は水の温度を華氏 104 度(40 度)まで上げ、3~4 分間そのシャワーを浴びます。

  • Then switch the temperature to 73 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit and stay for 40 seconds.

    それから華氏 73~77 度(23〜25度)まで温度を変え、40 秒間シャワーを浴びます。

  • For the best results, repeat this cycle three to four times

    最高の結果を出すためには、これを 3~4 回繰り返しましょう。

  • Keep in mind, that you should always finish a contrast shower with cold water.


  • Such a shower will not only help you get rid of excess weight, but also choose away such diseases as arrhythmia, obesity, poor blood circulation, primary hypertension and cellulite


  • 2. Massage

    2. マッサージ

  • The best types of massage to fight fat are cupping, water, honey, and pinching ones.


  • They help fracture the fat ,improve blood circulation in your abdomen, and normalize the digestive system


  • You can perform this massage both yourself at home and in salons.


  • Here's one of best self massages to get rid of belly fat.


  • Lie on your back on a flat surface.


  • Rub your hands together until they're warm.


  • Place one hand on your navel and start rubbing it clockwise.


  • Gradually widen the circles with firm pressure.


  • You need to do this for one to two minutes with 30 to 40 circles - keep in mind that you should do the massage systematically.

    これを 1~2 分間、30~40 回円を描いて繰り返します。体系的にマッサージを行うことを意識してくださいね。

  • 3. Breathing.

    3. 呼吸

  • The main rule of breathing gymnastics is that you should breathe in and out with your stomach and not your chest.


  • A thin waist, ripped abs, strong abdomen muscles.


  • Everything is possible if you do the whole set of breathing exercises, it only takes two minutes a day.

    呼吸体操を全て行えば、全てが叶いますよ。1 日 2 分間必要なだけです。

  • This method is called the Long Breath diet.


  • Here are the simple instructions: Stand up and push one leg forward and the other back.


  • Stand on your back foot and strain your buttocks.


  • Slowly inhale for three seconds lifting your arms above your head.

    両腕を頭の上に上げながら、3 秒間ゆっくりと息を吸います。

  • Exhale for seven seconds straining all your muscles.

    筋肉を緊張させ、7 秒間息を吐きます。

  • Perform this exercise for two to ten minutes every day to transform your body for the better.

    このエクササイズを毎日 2 から 10 分間実践し、体を改善しましょう。

  • Have you already tried these methods?


  • How did they work for you


  • Share your results and weight loss goals in the comments below.


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Three ways to lose weight without dieting.

ダイエットせずに体重を減らす、3 つの方法

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