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  • Hello! Welcome on my channel

  • My name is Charlotte and I recently moved to Taiwan on a working holiday

  • Today I want to talk about how to find a place to live here in Taiwan as a foreigner

  • It's not that easy if you don't talk Chinese (Mandarin)

  • and it's a question that several people have asked me, people who are planning to come to Taiwan in the future

  • So today I would like to give you some tips on how to find a place to live in Taiwan

  • The first question people have asked me is:

  • should they start looking before they arrive in the country or afterwards?

  • To me, that's pretty simple

  • I have lived in several countries before, like India, South-Korea, Sweden and now Taiwan

  • I always first go to the country and there I start looking

  • Pictures online can be deceiving, and you only can rely on the word of the owner, so I would be careful with that

  • Especially if there is a language barrier

  • you should definitely check out the place physically first, before you agree on anything

  • So my advice: go to the country and only there you can start looking for your apartment

  • One thing that I did before coming to Taiwan was just joining some Facebook groups

  • I started typing random things on FB likeRoommates in Taipei”, “Expats Taiwan”, “Housing in Taipei

  • Just, all these kind of random things and I saw if there were existing groups in these categories

  • by joining those groups and seeing the rooms that were offered in there, neighbourhoods that were popular

  • and prices, I could have a good idea, once I arrived in Taiwan, of what was reasonable and what was not

  • When I first arrived in Taiwan, I booked a hostel for 5 nights

  • That way I could research some places, visit some apartments

  • and also get a feel of the different neighbourhoods here

  • and make out for myself what neighbourhoods I would like to live in or places I would rather not live

  • That was a really useful time for me to explore the city

  • hostels have so many other travellers, young people

  • so it can be perfect if you want to explore the city and you don't have anyone here

  • you can easily make some friends in the hostel

  • I would really recommend it for the first week. That's what I would do in every country

  • Just staying in a hostel, get to know and get comfortable with the city and visit some apartments

  • You can stay there as long as you need to find the perfect apartment

  • Something else I did here was to post in all the Facebook groups that I was following

  • all the ones related to housing here in Taipei

  • I just wrote a small paragraph about myself, who I am, where I'm from, what I'm planning to do here in Taiwan

  • I also asked them if they had any advice or tips about where to live here in Taiwan

  • That way I got some suggestions, some good websites where I could find accommodation

  • Some people where telling me

  • Oh, I have a friend who is leaving Taipei soon and her room will be free. I can get you guys in touch.”

  • Posting on that FB group, if you're comfortable with it, can be a really good way to have some good options

  • If there's one piece of advice I want to give you

  • it's not to be pressured by landowners to sign any contract right away

  • They have some tactics to make you feel some kind of pressure like:

  • If you don't do it now, somebody else will take it”, cause they had so many visitors that day

  • and somebody will call them back, so you just have one hour to decide and sign the contract

  • You know, there's many ways they will make you feel this pressure to sign really fast

  • As this is a big decision, especially if like me you're planning to stay for at least six months, maybe one year

  • you should really take your time

  • If the apartment is gone, so be it! There are many places here, it's a big city

  • Don't make any fast decision just because you feel pressured into doing it

  • Once you're finished with all of your research, once you have visited apartments

  • you know which neighbourhood you like

  • maybe you found a job and you know which area you will be working in

  • It's time to make a decision.

  • I feel like in Taiwan, usually, you can move into a new place pretty fast after you sign a contract

  • In Belgium, it can take a long time once you sign the contract

  • usually there are still one or two months at least, before you move to the new place

  • But here, in many cases you can sign a contract, and almost move in the next day

  • For me, that was the case. After my five nights in the hostel, I just moved in right away without a problem

  • Don't be worried about being stuck in a guesthouse or hostel for one month

  • before you can move in somewhere. It goes really fast here

  • So that's basically all I did when moving to Taipei and looking for an apartment.

  • I hope you had some useful information in this video

  • But if you have any other questions, things that I might not have covered yet

  • just ask me in the comments down below and I'll try my best to help as much as I can

  • Because I know it can be pretty scary and intimidating at first when you're moving to a new country

  • and you don't know anything or anyone yet, you don't speak the language, it can be really though

  • But it's worth it! So, don't be too scared. Ask me anything you want to know

  • I hope to see you soon in the next video

  • Don't forget to like and subscribe. Bye bye!

Hello! Welcome on my channel


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