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00:00:00,000 --> 00:00:01,465 All right, what are we doing now?
OK, so let's have a shot.
I mean, who doesn't like a shot?
Right, Ellen?
It's almost summer, we're here, let's have a shot.
A little tequila, you like tequila.
00:00:14,260 --> 00:00:14,760 That's--
Wow, I think I got the wrong one.
Anyway, so I'm a little drunk, but that's OK.
Ellen, there's another shot I want to tell you about,
and this is called the Pantene Intense Rescue Shot.
And, you know, we all--
let me look at your hair.
I mean, you don't color your hair.
I don't color my hair.
And we're not judging anyone in the audience who does,
I think it's great when they do.
But sometimes you do a lot of styling, you do lot of stuff
to your hair and everything.
And it gets really crazy.
So what this does is, the Intense Rescue Shot
is going to help repair anything that you guys have
done your hair.
It's going to be amazing, and I'm going to actually show you.
Do you want to bring out a model?
Let's do Lauren, our lovely model.
Lauren, come on out!
She's so pretty, and we love her.
There's our Lauren, look at pretty Lauren.
Hi, Lauren!
Don't we love it?
So Lauren, you have beautiful hair.
Do you style your hair a lot?
Yeah, me too.
So-- you know what, ladies, anybody use a curling iron?
So when you're using your curling iron, you know what,
there are times that you could have it in your hair, Ellen--
and thank you for blowing it dry like that--
and you can keep it in just a little bit too long.
Should we put other stuff in it?
Are we trying to destroy it?
Oh my, no.
Everything's fine.
This is going to grow back in just a very short period
of time.
It'll be fine.
And you know what else?
What's really bad?
Also, a lot of women put color on their hair.
Now, I like bright colors.
So that's really fun.
Have the green, or the red, or the bright color--
Super, super fun.
Also, Ellen, I want to tell you another thing you can do.
You can also--
You know, with the little kids at the birthday parties
and stuff like that, it's so bad when
your kid gets sticky fingers.
Yeah, when you get chocolate in your hair, that's horrible.
Get like just a little bit of chocolate--
Oh, god.
--and people are like, aww, man.
And you're like, let me help.
Let me get that out.
Let's just do.
We'll get that out.
All right.
So what we want to do is, we want to wash out the hair.
Just get it a little bit damp.
And then what you want to do is, you want to add--
It's this one.
--a shot, she needs a shot.
So what you want to do is, you want
to add your Pantene Intense Rescue Shot.
Ladies, you know what's great about this?
You put it in the middle of your hair-- what is Ellen doing?
I'm trying to help.
--in the middle of your hair, and then
you just run it down the shaft of the hair,
all the way down to the ends.
You want to just add it right there.
And what this is going to do is, instead of your conditioner,
you use this once a week.
Now Lauren, the lovely Lauren, I'm
going to take you away from Ellen,
and I'm going to put you in the shower.
She needs another shot.
Now, like I said, just one time--
Lauren, you need a little more.
There you go.
--just once a week, all you have to do, Ellen, instead.
Go on in the shower, Lauren.
Get in!
And why don't you start her out, Ellen?
Get in!
Start her up.
And then, you know what--
Oh, my god!
--everyone loves a great hair day.
Girls, am I exaggerating when we have a good hair day?
You can have a great hair day every day
with the Pantene beautiful--
Let's see how that she looks then.
--Rescue Intense Shot.
So here she is now.
We've had her dry off her hair, and look at Lauren.
You look so good!
I'm serious.
Look at this!
I mean, Ellen.
Wow, that's amazing.
That's like--
Oh, my god.
All right, everybody here can look great and feel great too
with this $150 CVS gift card.
00:03:45,350 --> 00:03:47,799 We'll be right back!


Kym Douglas Gives Ellen's Writer a Hair Makeover

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