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I think Miura is one of the legend for Japan who (is) still playing even he become 50 years old.
Also Nakata, he have (has) opened the door of the go to Europe.
It's, he is the pioneer of the Japanese football, so I always watching these two.
And also because I play in Nagoya, there is a guy called Stojković, Dragan Stojković from Serbia.
He is (a) fantastic player.
I'm not like this as a player, but I wish I could play like this(him).
It's not all about football, but also we have to adjust to different culture, different life.
Because Japan is totally different between Europe, so we have to understand what is different, we have to accept the difference.
We have to adjust food, language, culture.
And have to respect the people who live there, if you want to get a respect.
Mmm..I would say I don't like the fish and chips.
Normally my wife cook(s) every night.
And my wife cook(s) very well.
So, I (am) still very healthy.
But if we go to London, there is many nice restaurants.
There is nothing wrong about the food, so it should be ok.


[英語で聞いてみよう] 吉田 麻也インタビュー!海外でのキャリアとイギリス生活について (Maya Yoshida: I don't like fish and chips!)

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