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-Grown men are dressing up as you.
Of course, girls are dressing up as you,
but people are obsessed with the show,
-Yeah. -And I -- I --
I haven´t done season 2 yet.
-Okay, well -- Well, that´s not okay.
[ Laughter ]
-You almost gave me the Eleven look.
-It´s been out since Friday, Jimmy!
-No, don´t, don´t!
Please don´t give me the Eleven look, yeah.
You almost stared at me, yeah.
But, no, I cannot wait to do it.
You know, I´m the biggest fan, so I want to savor --
-But are you the biggest fan? Because clearly --
Have you guys seen it? [ Cheers and applause ]
Well, then, they´re -- -Biggest fan.
I also -- I don´t want to spoil anything.
-Oh, yeah, sure. Sure!
-I swear!
Well, I mean, when I get obsessed with something,
I really get into it, and I have to make sure that I´m --
Like, I love "The Challenge" on MTV.
I´m really obsessed with that.
Yeah, Johnny Bananas is my man, and I´m like --
I´m so bummed out.
Anyways, freak out for that. -Yeah.
-"Stranger Things," I just haven´t really had to get my --
-Oh, okay. -I got to get my zone time.
-Don´t you ever obsess with anything?
Do you ever see anything on TV, and you go, "That´s my jam.
I´m into that right now"?
-It´s "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" all the way.
-Really? You love the Kardashians?
-I love them! I love them!
Like, I really do. Like, okay, so --
Everybody kind of loves them.
My mum, she´s always like, "I can´t watch it."
But then, she sits there, and she´s like...
[ Laughter ] You know?
I mean, I´m obsessed with them.
I follow them on social media.
I think that they are just, like, really great.
They´re, like, so entertaining!
-They really are -- They´re different characters.
-They have their own, like, language.
So, like, instead of saying, like, "I swear,"
They´re like, "Bible!"
And then they´re like, "O-krr."
[ Laughter ] -What is -- what is --
-It´s like -- It means, like, "Okay."
So it´s like "O-krr."
[ Laughter ]
I love it! -Really?
-Yes! You try it.
-O-krr. -Yes!
[ Cheers and applause ]
-Oh, I´m stealing that. -Yes!
-I love that. -It´s amazing.
-I´m stealing that. I´m stealing that.
From you, through the Kardashians.
Let me just say something, o-krr?
[ Laughter ]
O-krr. Okay, I´m gonna do that.
I love that.
What can we say about "Stranger Things"
season two right now?
Or should we just say, "Watch it"?
[ Laughter ]
-"Or should we just say ´Watch it´?"
-Watch it. -I think --
I mean, it´s definitely really, really crazy for Eleven.
´Cause she´s back, and she´s emotional,
and she´s just an emotional wreck,
and she´s just come from the Upside Down,
and she misses Mike, and it´s, like, awful for her.
So, you know, she´s just coming back into the real world,
and she has to find out who her family is,
her true family, so it´s really amazing,
and everybody´s storylines grow and go on a roller coaster.
And it´s just so fun.
I watched it twice now, and --
I didn´t watch the first season all the way through.
I watched here and there, you know, but I didn´t watch
the first season, like, sat down and watched it.
I haven´t watched a couple episodes of that.
But season two, like, I´ve watched it twice.
-And it was hard for me to watch myself.
It was really hard.
-You don´t like -- You´re not used to it?
I watch myself all the time. -Do you?
-Oh, yeah. [ Laughter ]
It´s the number-one thing in my TiVo, "The Tonight Show."
Yeah, it´s a vicious circle. Yeah.
Mirrors reflecting.
I have 30 TVs in my house. [ Laughter ]
I´m on 24/7, man. JNN, man.
-Sitting there, watching you.
-Yeah, like, "Isn´t that great?
Right, honey?" My wife is like, "Bye.
See you later, o-krr?"
Yeah, yeah, yeah. [ Laughter and applause ]
And she splits.
I want to show everyone a clip.
´Cause I´m psyched to see you and the cast back together.
Here´s Millie Bobby Brown
in the second season of "Stranger Things."
Take a look.
-You´re gonna see them -- soon.
They´re not just in that head of yours.
You´re gonna see them in real life.
I feel like I´m making progress with these people.
-Friends don´t lie.
-What? -You say "soon" on day 21.
You say "soon" on day 205.
You now say "soon" on day 326?
-What is this?
You´re, like, counting the days now
like you´re some kind of prisoner?
-When is "soon"?
-"Soon" is when... it´s not dangerous anymore.
-I don´t know. -On day 500?
-I don´t know. -On day 600?
-I don´t know. -Day 700?
On day 800? -No.
-I need to see my family!
-Oh [bleep] [bleep]
-Friends don´t lie!
-Honestly... [ Cheers and applause ]
-She´s so annoying!
She is so annoying!
-No, I love her! She´s the best!
You can pull off any hairdo.


Millie Bobby Brown Is Obsessed with the Kardashians' Special Language

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