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cancel the bron james kendrick perkins mess
stop talking about it as a non-issue
the twitter thing they're not with saying who would rather play with with
larry bird
drop all that
what you need to be talking about today
is jeremy lynn you heard of him
turn n_b_a_ fan if your sports and i'm sure you have
if you're not a sports fan politicking iran at jamie lynn under afternoon
twenty ten
i graduated from harvard with a degree in economics
uh... the first up harbor player in almost sixty years when had smith played
in the n_b_a_
uh... the fourth american-born asian player
i wanna show you the move he had
on uh... all-star guard john wall who was actually in
the twenty ten draft lesson number one overall pick in just a moment
you know the nixon three straight wins
in those lanes jimmy when it's put up twenty five against new jersey
twenty-eight against utah
and twenty three against the wizards now the twenty five of his new jersey he
actually crashed on teammate landry fields is talc
prior to the game and prior to that
he had been crashing on his brother scout
social wrote the story that jerry went
uh... the twenty-eight against utah
put up a career-high logged a career-high cd forty five minutes
there was no mari and carmelo anthony in that games early
he didn't have the uh... the two best players on his team and tyson taylor was
info travel
an absolute flawless performance by german when
is twenty three point career-high tensest performance last night against
was also stellar
here's the movie had
and dunk on john wong
so i mean it was an awesome crossover e_b_ he goes from his right to his left
runs right through the land i believe those trevor booker on the other end
wasn't sure whether they go up and contest in the wind going for the dark
or stay home in as many stayed home and jamie lynn threw down his first career
uh... n_b_a_ dunk
and an absolute awesome story for jeremy when
let me tell you about his travels those throughout the n_b_a_ as i said on
drafted in twenty ten the warrior sign a mind drafted again ease up a little toe
um... and he he has been able a warrior span for the longest time uh... he took
a pay cut for a few other teams like the lakers and the clippers
in order to play for the warriors and a cut in december nine twenty eleven to
sign the andre jordan who they eventually did not sign the cleared up
cap space foreign and uh... december twelfth the rocket sign the ban cut him
prior to the twenty eleven twelve n_b_a_ season uh... december twenty-seventh the
next sign him
when amman shown pert got injured
and uh...
do you know generous seventeenth he was sent down to the
erie bay hawks a
uh... household and of course of the week
january twentieth yet a triple double january twenty third annex recall him
and then all this happened in the last three games a great story for the n_b_a_
stop talking about the brian kendrick perkins at the non-issue obviously is a
great dog jeremy when is the story you need to know about mike did tony had a
great quote after the game
saying i think it's a real because the thing that's for releases vision which
won't change is speed which won't change
his knowledge of the game which won't kick was won't change i think it can all
they get better john wall said i knew we could play basketball and if you are
ghar that can run the pecan roll in their coaches offense you have a very
good chance to excel completely agree with what john wall set mike did tonys
offense or whatever neck you have for him do thing that you need to understand
is that he runs a good pecan roll offense jeremy when is a
cooley really
good point guard to run that often six three two hundred pounds he has the body
slowly and with this do you guys think that this will keep up
do you think jimmy lane can keep this up depicted next can keep this up will he
be the starting point are from now on
or is it just a you know three game wonder maybe a five e and wonder what
carmelo anne-maree out
for another two games
let us know get any at whether at rick's drum um... face book basement dot com
slash delight the sports leader comments wanna hear your thoughts


Jeremy Linの話し (Jeremy Lin's Story)

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