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- Great Big Story, we in here.
Momma, we made it.
(rhythmic music)
Everybody always say that,
“I think this better than my moms.”
“I think my grandma couldn't even do this.”
They think we got our grandmas cooking for us.
No, this is us.
We did that.
Like, yeah.
Us young men. (laughing)
(rhythmic music)
- Trap is, is take risk and prosper.
And that's what we doing in here.
So, that was we, it's Trap Kitchen.
- 15 shrimps in a bag, man.
- Trap Kitchen is a spot where you prepare products
to be distributed underground.
We just use that mentality with food.
We're a full-blown catering service.
You also can order for delivery during the week.
My team consist of myself and three other guys,
I call them my brothers.
My boy, AWOL,
DJ Kev,
and Bad News.
We're a small team,
but we get the job done all the time, you know?
- I mean we was always Crips and Bloods,
you know what I mean?
And with that kind of stuff, of course,
I'm getting arrested every other day for nothing.
They shooting at us.
So, now the only thing we worried about is
some food burning up, like, or running out.
That's it.
(rhythmic music)
- I was talking to my mom.
She like you gotta do something son.
I'm like okay, well what can I do?
I seen the Cordon Bleu commercial on TV.
I'm like, damn that look kind of cool.
I can probably do something with that, I know.
Like, you can make good money cooking.
(rhythmic music) I moved to Vegas.
Started culinary school and that's where
I began to practice my craft, you know?
(rhythmic music)
- He really came in here from Vegas.
He like, bro, what we gonna do?
Like, we need some money.
And I said wait, we can sell some food.
- Through Instagram, I was like posting my food
and people was like, “Oh, that look so good.”
“That looks great.”
And I was like, okay, now it's time for me
to offer this food to the streets.
Like how a D-boy pushes dope, you know what I'm saying?
And it worked.
The key to our success...
we never gave up, man.
Everyday, that's all I think about
is how can we improve our company.
How can we improve our food?
How can we improve the taste?
Even though, I mean, we in the house trapping,
I feel like it's a real restaurant.
(rhythmic music)


Inside Compton's Finger-Licking Good Home Kitchen

132 タグ追加 保存
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